Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week 44!


Another week down in the year 2013! Can't believe we are in November!

Actually I can and I can't, time has flown by, but in the last 11 months I have grown so much as a person. It has been 11 months since I left my fulltime job (which at the time was what I dedicated my life too), I started studying which I adore more then anything else in the world. I love learning.
I also have 'found myself' again. I have gone back to the person who I was about 6 years ago, with a much older, more grown up perspective of the world. I am finally coming to the terms that I am actually happy with myself. :)

So, I'll leave my ramblings for another day as they might be a bit heavy for a Monday morning.

Here is my week in my personal metropol. Things are winding down in terms of assessments for uni, but exam season is about to hit.  :/

I attended a fundraiser luncheon on Friday for a family friend who is living with cancer. It was such a lovely heart warming day.

I also had the arrival of my first ever POCKET FILOFAX!!!!

A huge thank you to Belinda for letting me re home her beloved Filofax. The cross style is the one I have been eyeing off ever since I discovered Filofax. I can't wait to start using her.


Inspiration: Sarah Harrison

I’m sure we have all heard of the recent leaking of the NSA files and the ever growing saga of Edward Snowden. If you have been living under a rock, or want to read some further details, this is a link to the Australian ABC’s article.

What I would like to speak with you about is a person that is supporting Edward Snowden in such a brave, courageous and selfless way. This person is Sarah Harrison.

I have not made it a secret that I am a supporter of Wikileaks (who Sarah is employed by), I think what they do for the world has changed the scope and people’s perceptions of the bodies who govern our countries. Even in saying that, if we took that statement out of the equation, Sarah’s courage in an age where we seem to be more concerned about protecting our own interests before others (a perception I don’t completely agree with, but it is a well implied statement) is rather remarkable.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details, we can all use Google, However I would like to share a few articles about Sarah with you.  

Sarah embodies the spirit of people I admire. A major influence in my life who has brought out a fighting cause in me is my grandfather. He has been a major player in developing the Australian working rights by being involved in many union demonstrations, if there is anything that I have taken away from his story it is to fight for a cause you believe in, which Sarah Harrison has done selflessly. She has left herself in exile, in fear of returning to the UK, she has left her life, her family and her friends behind to protect and support Edward Snowden. I am sure he will be forever grateful for her, and dare I say it, I am too.

It is nice to see people still caring for causes they believe in. Kudos to you Sarah.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kikki K 2014 - Inserts Review

So last week I purchased my 2014 inserts for my personal size. It was a snap impulse buy, but whatever.

I posted my 'haul' on facebook and had some requests to blog about my thoughts and do a pen test.

Let's get started!

My local store likes hiding these types of things on me, I can never find them and always have to ask. The packing the insets come in is nothing to write home about just a plain plastic slip, but for $15, one can't complain as that is cheap for inserts compared to the Filofax and Collins inserts.
I also love the fact they start in the first few weeks of December - right before uni starts for summer so I can use them sooner!

The only layout they offer in personal size is week on two pages which is what I have been using most of the year.
Hopefully you can see this clearly, these are 3am photos.
Each day has faint lines on it so you can write neatly, each day also has a birthdays line, so you wont have an excuse to ever forget.

Week on two pages layout
Monthly View

I don't know if I am going to use these, the boxes are tiny!!! It also makes it really hard to write in when you are left handed like me.
I think I may need to purchase the Filofax horizontal monthly inserts or make my own.

The Pen Test

I know a few people were interested to see what pens would bleed through, I was really surprised. The quality of the paper is so much better then the Filofax inserts and I also think they are better then the Collins inserts I've been using.

Now, I do not own a lot of fancy pens. I am a huge love of the Pilot Frixion range though.

Pens Used

Flip side, not as much bleed through, just a bit of shadowing - I can live with that

This is the flip side of the paper with it held up to the lamp in my room.
There is however one thing I find slightly annoying is that there are these black banners on certain pages. Nothing a sticker can't cover. I just find them annoying as it cuts out some of the writing space in the day. A nice gesture, just annoying.

Have you planned what you will be using for 2014?

Confession: We need to talk...

Now, let's be a little bit serious here (for just a second, I promise)

I thought it was important to post this now as I delve further into the world of Australian politics within my own life , university life and blogging life.

I have a bit of a confession to tell you all... I am a Wikileaks Party member.

I have decided upon this in the last few weeks after being very unhappy for various reasons with the main two political parties that have governed Australia in my lifetime.


This years election has brought out a fierce streak in me, I had a very intense argument with a friend of 15 years over politics, although we made up a few weeks later, our friendship has never been the same and never will be, because unlike the impression I get from her, I believe people do not have to apologise for their opinions.

It is no secret I am not a fan of Australia's Liberal Party, for a number of reasons.  

My up bringing was/still is quite middle class, I'm not very fancy, I don't bring in huge sums of money, I live at home, so one would think that I would be a Labor Party Supporter, which I was up until this election. It is also important to note that I did vote for them. (we will come back to this)

I would like to share with you the turmoil I had when I arrived to the polling booth on election day I saw, what has become quite a life changing event.

Looking at the table cloth as people refer to the senate ballot sheet was 'Wikileaks Party'...I was quite taken back as I had not heard very much about a party being formed.

I had been a admirer of the work Wikileaks did when they released the cables of the wars. I always remember seeing Assange on the news and being;
  1. Very proud of him for being so brave and taking a stand
  2. rebelling against the superpower of the world
  3. supporting whistleblowing
  4. changing the world
Something inside me resonates with Julian Assange, he is your everyday common Australian bloke who is taking on the super powers of the world, and scaring the crap out of them. The combative side in me adores stories and people like this, I also think the core fundamentals of his actions embodies the Australian spirit. (and yes, that rambling went through my mind above this went through my mind while standing there trying to vote. )

I couldn't just leave to polling booth without filling in my ballot papers, I was really torn on who to vote for, but in the end my upbringing and lack of knowledge of the Wikileaks Party made me vote Labor for the Senate.

However, in the past 2 months I have been spurred on to do more research on Wikileaks, Julain Assange and the Wikileaks Party. Looking at studying politics I had a notion of joining a party, although I wasn't very happy with either major political party within my country I decided I needed to bit the bullet and join Wikileaks.

I believe in what they stand for, their mission statement reads - "[Wikileaks Party] objectives which include the protection of human rights and freedoms; transparency of governmental and corporate action, policy and information; recognition of the need for equality between generations; and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination."I think these are important factors that need to be addressed particularly on the level of the Senate, as they really do rule the roost when it comes to decisions.

Will people disagree with me? Yes. There is a lot of people out there who do not agree with the action of Wikileaks. Trust me I have read them.

Do I care if people disagree? Not really.
We live in a society that is supposed to be democratic I am free to think, act and do what I please within ethical and lawful restrictions. Joining a political party may not be high on every 21 year olds agenda, but it is on mine.

I am smart enough to know that there is no one, no party in politics that is crystal clear, politics can be a dirty game played on a public level, however I believe, our society in Australia allows free thinking, which allows me to vote, or even share my opinion on politics on the internet. So now you all know.

Thanks for reading. x


Week 43!

What a week it has been, second last week for uni..WHOOOO!!! count down is on!

I've had a rather dramatic week, my pitch project for marketing was due on Monday, which my group was scrambling all day to complete. Our presentation was a bit of a disaster, but I think we should be okay, the tutor laughed the whole way through our presentation, and luckily my waffling skills got us through the dreaded Q&A section of a presentation.

Oh and to top this dramatic week of studying off, I received a email from the maths subject coordinator asking me to come and speak to him as he doesn't think I would pass the unit.  It resulted in me withdrawing from maths all together.

It sucks because now I will have another Failed Withdrawn unit on my transcript (long story) but at the end of the day it makes me less stressed and also gives me a chance to boost my marks in my final exams as I wont be dedicating most of my time to maths. Which will hopefully boost my GPA - which I only found out how important it is after that meeting on Wednesday.

So there is my week in a nutshell. Winding down a bit which is nice, but I know this is the calm before the storm, which is exams.


Life Decsisions: Swapping Degrees

sorry blog - o - sphere, you are going to get many blog posts from me today.

Ever had one of those heart wrenching finds from your past? Well I did a few weeks ago.

I found a bit of paper from high school (yes I keep things like that) that had our ambitions in life for the next 10 years.
Whilst I know life changes in an instant there is still part of me that wishes whole heartily that I followed the path that I had set out when I was 15, as it seems pretty awesome.

I won't share with you everything on that bit of paper but I will pick out a few points of the things I wanted to do by age 25.

  • I want to be out of home, either in my own house or close to buying a house.
  • I want to have a degree in Political Science
  • I want to travel
There are a few other little things that really resonate with me still to this day.

So this brought me to my latest life decision. I decided I am going to swap degrees at uni, as it is a start to what I hope will unfold from the list above.

So I will now end up graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce - majoring in Human Resources with a minor Bachelor of Arts - Politics and International relations.

Yep, try saying that to everyone new you meet each semester!

I am really excited about the change, this semester has been rather horrible, I lost all motivation to do most things for uni. Studying marketing has taken its toll on me. It definitely wasn't what I expected, nor am I very good at it either.

I am so excited for the next coming year at uni, I think this is such a positive change that I needed. It will also push me further into the field of trade unions - which is where I think I would like to end up.

If you made it this far into my rambling, well done. Thanks for listening. :)  


My week 41 & 42

Oh hi, long time no see right?

I have been super busy the past three weeks, uni work, bush fire drama, sickness, motivation levels etc;

Here is my week 41.

I must say I really love the washi I used (from Kmart) I think it is super cute!
It was a super busy week, preparing the final details for my final projects due the next week for uni.

This week doesn't look so busy, but it was long and tyring, my HRM report and presentation was on Wednesday.

39 paged report, 6 weeks of group meetings, 15 mins presentation and finally handing it! Felt AMAZING!!!!

Then there was of course the bush fires that ripped through NSW on Thursday - terribly shocking and devastating to the community I live in.
I am safe, but over 200 families have lost their house in the Blue Mountains. A devastating event.
If you have a spare $10 - please donate it to the Salvation Army, to aid them in rebuilding these peoples lives.  

I also, just wanted to say a huge thank you, to everyone involved in putting out these fires, especially the Fire-fighters and volunteers. God bless all of you!

Another thank you to everyone who sent me text messages, Facebook messages and called to check if my family was okay. It's heart-warming.

Remember to stay alert and diligent when there is a fire. Stay safe people! x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I'm still here!

I haven't disappeared! I've been super busy, between uni, bush fires, life, sickness.. normally blogging will resume this weekend.

hope you are happy, safe and well xx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 40

Another week has been brought to a close.

What a looooong week. In terms of decoration this week it has been kept to a minimum, although it doesn't look like a busy week, it certainly was! I find the busier I am the less I use my planner...strange!

As you can see, I've been watching Gossip Girl, finally watched the last season - the truth was revealed (although I read it online when it was first released) felt like my teenage years were well and truly over with the conclusion of the show.


Monday, 30 September 2013

Week 39

Here we are again, another week down in the year.

This past week was a bit of a fail in terms of doing anything overly productive. I have a huge assignment due, which I have been working on with my group for the past 4-5 weeks. I am eat, sleeping and breathing this assignment. Which has put all of my maths class work on the back burner.

This week, I barely used my planner. I love this colour scheme and the polka dots, but at the end of the day it really wasn't overly effective as last weeks pages.

I really have grown to the idea of planning in colour, my brain works better I think, it is also much more visually appealing.

This week I am trying the simple colour scheme again, that way I know if last week was just an off week.

I've spent a lot of time with my sister as she is also on holidays, it's nice to see each other everyday, as most days we are just passing ships in the household.

we have gone for lunch a few times this week and hung out, watched movies, played video games (well, I watched her play them haha)

Hopefully the coming week is more productive :)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Banned Books Week - Censorship in Australia

Banned Books Week - Censorship in Australia

I thought this was an interesting titbit in Australian history, and here I was thinking our censorship laws weren't as strict as other countries.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moodboard: Evoking Feelings of Summer

Summer Mood Board!
Can you tell what is on my summer playlist? lol!
So summer is coming! I am normally not a summer person, however I can't wait just to chill out a bit. This will be my first summer in a long time where I won't be working in an office. So that might mean that I will actually have a tan and not be vampire pale.
I thought I would collect a few things and post them here on what I love about summer in Australia, some style inspiration from stationery, decorations, fashion, drinks, food and places.
typo postcards
typo list
Cocktail Time!
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Gloria Jeans - Very Vanilla Chiller


There is nothing I love more in summer then a nice crispy chicken Ceaser Salad

My first ever 'real' job was working for a decoration company during their Christmas season, I learnt so much and loved every minute of it.
My pick for this Christmas is blue and magenta decorations.

Just as a bit of summer fun - I want these lanterns to hang in my bedroom, how cute are the colours!


I don't feel like I am a 'on trend' sort of person, I just wear what I like.
I am loving these for summer this year though.

ASOS Dress

This is my Handbag of choice for the summer, I think it is super cute and will go with EVERYTHING
I also love that it reminds me of a art deco building.


I already have a infactuation with Sydney, but Sydney in the summer time is an amazing place to be.

Here are my favourite spots to hang out at

Darling Harbour
This place is lovely at night as it is full of lively people
I adore going into the city during the day and just sitting on the harbour edge.

I have been here once before for as what we refer to as a 'Sunday Sess'
Beautiful food, great cocktails and at night it is brilliant.
So there are my picks for the summer, I am looking forward to it!
Tell me what you love about summer? Is it the weather, the music, the freedom, the food, the cocktails (maybe a few sneaky sunday sess's?) 



Saturday, 21 September 2013

Week 38!

Hello lovelies!

Here we are again for another week of planner stalking!

This week has been a loooong week! Even though we are on mid semester break from uni, there is no rest for the wicked! Also with the change of seasons I have had horrible hay fever, so I will be glad when that is over :)

In terms of decoration, this week I have played with my ice cream post it note set from Kmart, love these colours.
I love love love the sprinkle post it notes, so cute! It reminds me of eating fairy bread when I was a kid. (The squareish, oblong sprinkles were the best ones!)

You can see my colour coding coming into play, the pink writing is anything relating to one of my  Marketing classes, the green relates to my Human Resources class, as per the binders I created. I love colour coding, it makes life so much more easier to think in colour.

I'm going to do a trial next week using colours that are just related purely for decoration and see how I cope with that.
I am also loving being back in my metropol! I also love my new set up - I am now using my Filofax for notes during my uni meetings, shopping lists, you name it, it is going in here :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Filofax set up

With the year coming close to an end, I am gearing up my Filofax to take the abuse from exam period, end of uni projects, Christmas, holiday plans, you name it, it will go in here.

I have sadly had to move from my Adelphi slimline to a personal to accommodate the information that will be needed in the next few months.

After seeing this blog post I just had to use my kingfisher blue metropol, the colour is so stunning I love it!

So, let's stop rambling, let's get onto what you are all really here for PLANNER PORN (yes, I just said that)

Organised Chaos!

Who would have thought Manilla folders could be so pretty! These are from typo.
I got 5 for $5 so I don't mind cutting them up.  

My new Dashbord
I have a fly leaf over the top of this with a picture strip of my friends.

I have three main sections.
My diary is behind the dashboard and my second main section is my university tab.
The main section tabs stick out of the binder just a little, but I actually really like it.
I wanted that defined curved section from the folders.

Within this tabbed section I have my sub tabs.
On the Australian Filofax facebook group I asked the students out there how they used their planners to keep track of their uni deadlines as I feel like I was spiralling out of control.
I decided because we only have roughly 4 weeks of class time left I would just create a to do list instead of printing my unit outlines.

As part of my new colour coding system, I decided all uni related tabs need to be blue to match the divider.

Colour coding has been my new best friend!
This is my to do list, it is only two pages, which is great but daunting.
My colour combinations are based on my colours that are on my subject binders.

This is my next main section.
I opted for a bottom tab for a change, it also gives the definition between what is for uni and what is personal life things.

Here is a picture of my tabs so far in this section.
I picked the green tabs for all things in my notes section as part of the colour scheme.
This is what I have so far, but as the year goes on I will add in Christmas tabs, holiday tabs and anything else that is needed.

This system is a little different from what I was using before - this is really going to become a workhorse planner. I like the simplified setting as it provides a clear picture of what the main focus is and doesn't distract me.
I am surprised at how much I actually like the colours, I am normally a darker colour lover, as you might have noticed from this blog post.
So there you have it, new simple set up ready to get to work.  




Sunday, 15 September 2013

Latest Obsession - Youtubers!

I become easily obsessed with little things, if you know me in real life or read my posts on the internet I become intrigued by so many things that I come across. I have an addictive personality. If I like something I will spend days and days reading, googling, facebooking, blog reading all things about that topic. Some obsessions last, and some don't.

One thing I go through phases of interest is personalities on YouTube. At the moment I am loving watching these snippets into peoples lives that they share with the world. I also secretly (or not so secrectly now) like the idea of being 'YouTube famous'...Yes I can see you rolling your eyes at me - don't judge me okay! Lol!

Here are some of my favourite  Youtuber's

  • Zoella - She is a British YouTuber who is just so adorable, here videos are mainly beauty related, but she also had quite a following due to her 'just say yes' video. She speaks about personal issues such as dealing with anxiety and how to try and over come it.
  • Thatcher Joe - is another favourite of mine, He also happens to be Zoella's brother. They post super cute sibling videos and are just hilarious to watch.
  • Tanya Burr - is another British Youtuber who is friends with Zoella, she mainly posts videos about beauty products, make up tutorials, vlogging.
  • Daily Grace - just when you thought this would all be about Bristish people - Grace is quite a character, she posts videos every day, they aren't about specific topics, I normally don't think American people are funny (just don't understand the humour) but this girl makes me laugh without fail.
  • Jenna Marbles - It wouldn't be a YouTube list, without Jenna Marbles. I think her success might come down to the fact that those damn cute dogs are always in her videos.
  • Pixiwoo - another UK based channel, these girls are professional make up artists that give fantastic tips, they do some great in depth make up tutorials.
  • Make Up with Poppy - Poppy is an Australian Youtuber who mainly posts videos on the high end side of make up. I love her personality, she is someone I would love to be friends with in real life. It's nice to see someone using products I can purchase in Australia and not random brands that aren't sold here.
  • xoFemmeBeauty -  Caroline is another Australian Make up Youtuber,  she uses a lot of the cheaper brand products that can be found in Priceline, Big W, Chemist Warehouse. She is very professional in her videos and I have found some great products through her videos.
I am subscribed to sooo many things like tv shows that people post, Filofax bloggers, student tips, comedians. This is just the list of people who I normally watch each time a video appears.

Do you have a favourite youtuber? If so let me know in the comments below.

Have a marvellous day!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Week 37 - can you ever have enough pink?

The answer to the question, is yes, yes you can!
This week is an extremely pink week, it started off with some deco tape, then the deco tape usage got out of hand.

I seem to be struggling taking pictures with my ipad so it looks like I will need to find my camera charging cord (which has been missing since august!)
It wasn't an overly busy week in terms of tasks, but I had two mid semester tests and a meeting for a huge Human Resources Project I have this semester which is exciting, but the amount of work that is going into it is crazy!  
In other news, I started journaling! I've always wanted to and found the motivation to do so after receiving some bad news, I was feeling very overwhelmed and I had sworn that I wouldn't tell people so I decided to write. :)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Blog Name Change!

Hello, once again,

Aren't you lucky two blog posts in one night! Hehe!

As you may or may have not noticed I have changed my blog name from redlipsandpearls to what it is now.

I confessed to my friends that I own a blog - well not so much confess but share it on facebook by mistake, damn ipad app!
As suggested by a friend that had saw the post before I got my hands on it and deleted it, she suggested I use my most common used phrase as my blog name, so here we are :)

What do you think? Are we liking this?



Self Confession Time + Falling back in love with planning

Howdy y'all,

Long time no see right?

Well I am back after my few weeks hiatus, I have been super busy with uni, family, life, sickness (not me but family and friends) and all that life throws at you while you are making plans.
My absence really was due to my busy schedule, long days, long drives home and the fact that I feel into a planning funk.

I think over the past few months I have been trying to map out everything perfectly, which I have now come to terms with the fact that it doesn't suit me or my lifestyle.
I got caught up in the world of Facebook pages dedicated to planning and saw all these amazing people who had two even three planners on the go at the same time. I admire those people so much, sadly it really just doesn't work for me. I spent more time planning what I was going to do and very little time actually do it. So really it was counter productive.

I tried to organise my daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, all in my beautiful a5 and use my slimline as my 'on the go' planner - sadly I wasn't very good at 'syncing' both of these.
I ended up wasting time by writing things down twice, some of my uni deadlines were almost missed and here I was scrambling at the 11th hour to finish what needed to be done.  After attempting to make this work again and again, I just can't get the hang of it. I have put it down as an experiment the didn't go as planned (ironic, isn't it LOL!)

As for falling back in love with planning, this was sparked by the Charleston Filofax Range. See review of the Pocket over at Philofaxy (See review).

I love love love anything 1920's and have finally finished reading The Great Gatsby and after seeing the Baz Luhrmann (who I have fallen back in love with) movie a bunch of times my obsession with all things 20's has gotten slightly out of hand.

In anticipation for this new range to be released (hopefully for Christmas!!!) I decided to create these dividers for my compact size when I finally get my hands on it! I shared these on Philofaxy facebook group a week or so ago, so sorry if this is nothing new to you.

If you haven't seen the facebook post I mentioned that these designs are actually rug designs that The Great Gatsby costume and set designer Catherine Martin (also Baz Luhrmann's wife) created for the movie.
I was dying to own one of these rugs, particularly the middle design, but at $4000 ish a pop my poor little uni student budget can't afford that. Nor do I have the space to put a giant rug as I still live at home. You can see Catherine Martin's home furnishers line here
Inspiration for designing and creativity can come from all types of sources.

So there you have it, confession session over and done with, and now you know about my crazy 1920's obsession, which is now coming full tilt as I now have been running around uni with pearls, dark eye shadow, dark lipstick and my turban hat on without a care in the world! Now, be a darling and fetch me a cocktail!


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Post week 36???

So I have been missing in action for the past few weeks, I sort of lost all interest in the Filofax world, and I have also been super busy with uni so I have tried to cut down my Internet use as I always get caught up reading people's blogs. 

So back on track this week. Here is a photo of my my pages from last week :) 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Self consciousness...

Ok, so this blog post comes from a few different things I have witnessed in the past few weeks, and that is the high level of people's self consciousness.
Now, I know that everyone has this issue it is in human nature. However I don't know if it is just a phase of the people I know, but do we really need to share our own personal issues of 'what do people really think of me??' blah blah blah crap.

EVERYONE has this issues, you are not the only one, the world will not end because someone doesn't like your shoes, or they way your hair looks or the way you act when you go to dinner in public.

  • If there is anything I have learnt in my 21 years on the planet is to be comfortable with who YOU are. Not how other people see you.

  • life is short - just do what you want. (Clearly not turn into a serial killer, but if you want to order steak for dinner, wear yellow pants, *insert ridiculous thing here* just fricken do it!)

  • worried about what people will think of you? Ask yourself, will you see these people ever again in your life time? if not, why do you care so much? If you will see them again, are you happy going through life and pretending to be someone you are not.
Ok, so there are just some pearls of wisdom on this ranty sort of blog post.

Bottom line is, be who you are, screw everyone else.

Happy Friday People :)


Monday, 19 August 2013

Week 33

Here is my week 33 post - a rather busy first half of the week, the second half was filled with studying for an exam. 

I've sadly also dismissed the idea of using two planners, things were getting to complicated. I hate having to write things down twice so that idea went out the window. 

As you can tell from my last few weeks posts I'm becoming more and more less interested/obsessed with Filofax things. Hmm not sure if its because I don't really have the time any more or maybe just something else...


Monday, 12 August 2013

Week 32 -shameful

A picture says a thousand words right...this was a shameful week in terms of anything Filofax related :( 

However on Sunday I got to go to Blackbird Cafe in Darling Harbour -was awesome!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Week 31

Here is my week 31. 

I've had a busy week, uni started back up so I've been trying to wrap my head around what tasks I need to complete. 

It was also my best friends 21st birthday on Saturday, we kicked off celebrations on the Friday night with her family, then went out to the city with her work friends as everyone else flaked out at the last minute. I had such a fun weekend. 
As you can see Sunday I had scheduled in a recovery day- and I think I will be recovering all week. 

This week I have included my dodo pad type inserts that I made for my uni work, these stay at home open on my desk in my a5 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How I'm surviving in my compact

A while ago I blogged about my Filofax move to my compact Adelphi. (You can read my post here) I thought I would update you on how I am coping.

So as it turns out my Adelphi isn't actually a compact, it happens to be a slimline Filofax which means it has 11mm rings instead of the 15(?)mm rings the compacts have.

So, how am I surviving in a slimline? Quite well actually.

Here is a list of my contents in photo form. Guess who learnt fancy new photo tricks to make text appear on my photos.

1. Front page - this serves as my 'dash board' section. I love this image it came from a 2012 calendar. I've named her 'Tilly' as I read if you name an object, you give it a personality and therefore will be more inclined to use it more often. I thought my planner needed a personality and a mascot, so here we are.

There is also a top opening envelope attached by sticky tape to the back of the cardboard Tilly sits on. I use this for random items, sometimes when I pop out with just my planner I will slip my phone into the top opening envelope  

2. Two months worth of planning pages - I have two months worth of diary pages in my planner. I don't really need anything else as I have been on uni holidays for the past 4 weeks.

These tabs come from Collins. I keep the rest of my monthly pages and tabs for the rest of the year filed away in my personal metropol.

3. Diary Pages - of course like all planners I have my diary pages in between my monthly dividers. straight after my dividers I have the Filofax month on one page in personal size. I use these pages for random things and as you can see rarely ever remember to use them. I mainly record birthdays in here.
The next is my undated week on two pages again from Collins. I LOVE these pages, the paper quality is much better then the Filofax pages, and with Filofax stock in limited supply at my local Officeworks store, these will have to do :)

4. My university tab - Whilst I may have not been at uni for the last few weeks I have added to my uni tab in my planner to include more reference things.

In this section I have my semester dates for the year, my university's grading structure as I can ever remember them and finally I decided to hand write how to work out a percentage as a grade as I'm not very good with maths and I can never ever remember how to do it and sadly each time I get a report back I have to Google how to work it out.

5. Notes/Misc tab - This is the last tab in my planner. Here I have a few sheets of extra paper and random notes that I always forget.
I bought a new printer a few months ago and I can never remember which cartridges I need. Ink is very expensive in Australia, not sure if it is everywhere else. Normally I will recycle my cartridges or refill them. It never stops me looking at the price each time I pop to the stationary store.

6. Post -it notes and random bits - These are kept in the front pocket of the Adelphi. I have some tabs from post it, some lovely bright colours from Diaso, some more sticky notes from Officeworks in lovely pastel colours with things like 'shop for', 'today', 'don't ignore' I love the pastel colours in contrast of the bright ones.
There is also some index cards just in case I need to write something down for someone else. Oh and there is my parking fines - which I finally paid when the latters came in as the fine biller code had faded - lesson learnt in that case. I also finally purchased a parking permit for uni.
 So there you have it, I am really loving this system so far. Not sure if I will need to upgrade back to a personal size when uni starts back. We will see.

I also have an exciting new Filofax related purchase to come, hopefully just in time for uni if I do decide to upgrade to a personal.