Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week 26

Week 26 hasn't been a very productive week. The rain in Sydney was horrible and not alot of the things I wanted to get done stayed unticked on my list :(

However, this week I have started using a week on two pages. Thes are undated pages as I was just trying them out. I didn't like using them in my personal but I love using them in my slimline diary as the rings are so much smaller I can actually write over the top of them :)

I very less busy week in terms of decoration. Just a few stickers and some masking tape. A very purple week with all the purple pen :)

If you are stuck with winter I hope you stay warm and if you are from the UK hope you are enjoying your 'summer' although I am sure the brittish version of summer really isn't that warm lol.


Have you added your Reading List to Bloglovin yet?

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

So I keep reading about Google reader closing its system down. VERY SOON :(

I have now had to transfer all my blogs in my reading list to bloglovin.

I haven't used this site before and is slightly different, but I think I am working it out :)

Just a helpful reminder to make sure you switch systems before it's too late.

Make sure you add me to your list, you can follow the bloglovin button on the right hand side of my blog and it should take you straight there.


The Blog Name Game: Why

I think it is strange that I haven't actually posted this before, but here it is. Why did I pick this name for my blog?

Well as mentioned in my about me section I started this blog as a personal experiment. As part of the experiment I was aiming to review beauty products, share tips about stationary hopefully would help showcase my marketing thoughts and skills as my marketing knowledge grew throughout my studies of marketing at uni. As I was hoping and still hope to land a marketing job in a beauty product company.

However, that wasn't meant to be. I discovered the Filofax and stationery community as well as some beauty bloggers and my blog has gone in a different direction. I also blog a lot about my time at university as I am proud of my achievements on even being accepted into one of the states top uni's without completing the highest level of high school education. I also hope that maybe some poor lost soul out there who attends a university in Australia stumbles across my blog and finds something helpful as there are plenty of American college blogs out there, sadly most are irrelevant to the system we have in Australia.

So now you have that little bit of a back story, the whole red lips thing relates back to my love of make up and my endless search for the perfect red lipstick. The pearls section came about from a phase I had of always wearing red lipstick and pearls with almost every outfit. You can't have one without the other.

With the direction my blog has gone in after its creation I have thought of many other names, none really describing the mumble jumble that is my blog.

So there you have it.

How did you chose your blog name?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Week 25


So this week is a little late as I couldn't find my box of charger for my ipad or phone to take a picture lol!

This is one of the busiest looking weeks I have had.

I came across some masking tape and did the outline of the pages amd to highlight the end of my exams! Yay for finding some nice tape. I will not settle until I get my hands on some real washi tape lol.

From exams to completing a bumble bee outfit for my little sister to tracking down my family's missing rates payment with the council it has been a busy week which felt like it would never end.

Sunday, 23 June 2013



I think I may have stumbled across a bit of a holy grail (we are the knights who say Ni! – Monty Python) find here.

In an attempt to be a bit more grown up I am on the hunt for creating a more ‘grown up’ or minimalistic style planner and planning system for my Filofax and my uni work.

Browsing the sale at I found this lovely brand from Korea called O-Check. Their stock range is hard to find in stores and their website only  allows wholesale clients to see there full product range but from what I have seen on Notemaker I am in love!
I would love to purchase these folders to file my notes in for uni
They come in a few colours, a dusky yellow, silver, pink and the grey above.

I am also in love with their cute notebooks, like this one

What really made me fall madly in love is this cute little post it set.

I love how simple it all is. It is cute and girly in a non Hello Kitty PINK PINK PINK way. As you know from my previous post I dislike hello kitty with a passion.

Have you ever used this brand before? Seen it in the shops? Let me know your thoughts.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Week 24

Week 24 has been an intense week. I have had my uni exams starting this week. My econ exam was on saturday at 8.50am! Yuck!

I think it will be a miracle if I pass econ. But so glad that is over.

My decorations come from my monthly wall planner. I love when a month finishes and I can cut the lovely flower designs off the bottom of the page to use in my filofax. I love the colours in this paper :)

I am also loving being in a compact planner! :D

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Can I survive in a compact?

Yesterday I jumped on to the filofax website and came across the compact adelphi filofax, I looked at the price and almost fell over.

I have one sitting on my shelf that I paid 3 times less for it (win!)

I really love this planner, however when I purchased it I wasn't too sure what use it would have for me. up unitl now it has been used as a password, goals and random other things binder.

I got to thinking, I sometimes spend more time fluffing around 'planning' then actually doing. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Fed up with it, I decided to downsize back into my compact.

So what's in there now?

  • My weekly pages for the next two months
  • My university tab (which won't be needed after the next week because I am on holidays!)
  • My skincare tab
  • post it notes
  • a few spare sheets of paper to write notes on
That is it!

I thought of taking out everything that I use on a daily basis and pop it into the adelphi filofax, I am shocked at how much I have in my personal sized planner that I don't actually use.

Let's see how long this lasts before I swap back.

Week 23


Week 23 I have been a bit lost without my planner. If you read my post from last week you will know that i didn't have anything to share with you, as my planner was MIA!
Turns out my planner must have fallen out of my handbag and was under the car seat the whole time! Grr!

Sadly, when I found my planner it was a bit worse for wear. It had a huge dent in it and the front cover was pushed right up to the rings. I think whatever is inside the material that covers the outside of the binder has snapped.
It's now really floppy :(
I decided to stiffen it up with some cardboard on the inside pocket and add a few paint swatches just so i didn't have to look at boring old brown cardboard. This seems to have worked rather well, the binder is much stiffer now. I feel a bit safer using it.

As for the dent in the cover a bit of cooking oil spray and a bit of a rub every day has got the dent out of the cover (phew!)

So here is my non used week. A bit upset that my planner wasn't as pretty as it is normally I hadn't even used my planner this week. (Hello planner fail)


Monday, 3 June 2013

Week 22 -.......does not exsist

Sadly I have nothing to show you for week 22. :(

I have misplaced my planner, it is either at a friends house or missing. OH no!!!