Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week 26

Week 26 hasn't been a very productive week. The rain in Sydney was horrible and not alot of the things I wanted to get done stayed unticked on my list :(

However, this week I have started using a week on two pages. Thes are undated pages as I was just trying them out. I didn't like using them in my personal but I love using them in my slimline diary as the rings are so much smaller I can actually write over the top of them :)

I very less busy week in terms of decoration. Just a few stickers and some masking tape. A very purple week with all the purple pen :)

If you are stuck with winter I hope you stay warm and if you are from the UK hope you are enjoying your 'summer' although I am sure the brittish version of summer really isn't that warm lol.


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