Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Blog Name Game: Why

I think it is strange that I haven't actually posted this before, but here it is. Why did I pick this name for my blog?

Well as mentioned in my about me section I started this blog as a personal experiment. As part of the experiment I was aiming to review beauty products, share tips about stationary hopefully would help showcase my marketing thoughts and skills as my marketing knowledge grew throughout my studies of marketing at uni. As I was hoping and still hope to land a marketing job in a beauty product company.

However, that wasn't meant to be. I discovered the Filofax and stationery community as well as some beauty bloggers and my blog has gone in a different direction. I also blog a lot about my time at university as I am proud of my achievements on even being accepted into one of the states top uni's without completing the highest level of high school education. I also hope that maybe some poor lost soul out there who attends a university in Australia stumbles across my blog and finds something helpful as there are plenty of American college blogs out there, sadly most are irrelevant to the system we have in Australia.

So now you have that little bit of a back story, the whole red lips thing relates back to my love of make up and my endless search for the perfect red lipstick. The pearls section came about from a phase I had of always wearing red lipstick and pearls with almost every outfit. You can't have one without the other.

With the direction my blog has gone in after its creation I have thought of many other names, none really describing the mumble jumble that is my blog.

So there you have it.

How did you chose your blog name?


  1. Hey! Could I please ask that you put the 'My week' button back into your sidebar please? :) Thanks! :) xxx

    1. Oh gosh! I hadn't even noticed it was sorry. I will copy it back across once I am on my laptop.

      thanks for letting me know! Sadl y I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to coding ect.

    2. Added back onto the page. I think I may have replaced it when I added my bloglovin button. Ooops! One day I will get the hang of it.


    3. No problem! :) Thanks for re-adding it hehe xxx