Monday, 29 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How I'm surviving in my compact

A while ago I blogged about my Filofax move to my compact Adelphi. (You can read my post here) I thought I would update you on how I am coping.

So as it turns out my Adelphi isn't actually a compact, it happens to be a slimline Filofax which means it has 11mm rings instead of the 15(?)mm rings the compacts have.

So, how am I surviving in a slimline? Quite well actually.

Here is a list of my contents in photo form. Guess who learnt fancy new photo tricks to make text appear on my photos.

1. Front page - this serves as my 'dash board' section. I love this image it came from a 2012 calendar. I've named her 'Tilly' as I read if you name an object, you give it a personality and therefore will be more inclined to use it more often. I thought my planner needed a personality and a mascot, so here we are.

There is also a top opening envelope attached by sticky tape to the back of the cardboard Tilly sits on. I use this for random items, sometimes when I pop out with just my planner I will slip my phone into the top opening envelope  

2. Two months worth of planning pages - I have two months worth of diary pages in my planner. I don't really need anything else as I have been on uni holidays for the past 4 weeks.

These tabs come from Collins. I keep the rest of my monthly pages and tabs for the rest of the year filed away in my personal metropol.

3. Diary Pages - of course like all planners I have my diary pages in between my monthly dividers. straight after my dividers I have the Filofax month on one page in personal size. I use these pages for random things and as you can see rarely ever remember to use them. I mainly record birthdays in here.
The next is my undated week on two pages again from Collins. I LOVE these pages, the paper quality is much better then the Filofax pages, and with Filofax stock in limited supply at my local Officeworks store, these will have to do :)

4. My university tab - Whilst I may have not been at uni for the last few weeks I have added to my uni tab in my planner to include more reference things.

In this section I have my semester dates for the year, my university's grading structure as I can ever remember them and finally I decided to hand write how to work out a percentage as a grade as I'm not very good with maths and I can never ever remember how to do it and sadly each time I get a report back I have to Google how to work it out.

5. Notes/Misc tab - This is the last tab in my planner. Here I have a few sheets of extra paper and random notes that I always forget.
I bought a new printer a few months ago and I can never remember which cartridges I need. Ink is very expensive in Australia, not sure if it is everywhere else. Normally I will recycle my cartridges or refill them. It never stops me looking at the price each time I pop to the stationary store.

6. Post -it notes and random bits - These are kept in the front pocket of the Adelphi. I have some tabs from post it, some lovely bright colours from Diaso, some more sticky notes from Officeworks in lovely pastel colours with things like 'shop for', 'today', 'don't ignore' I love the pastel colours in contrast of the bright ones.
There is also some index cards just in case I need to write something down for someone else. Oh and there is my parking fines - which I finally paid when the latters came in as the fine biller code had faded - lesson learnt in that case. I also finally purchased a parking permit for uni.
 So there you have it, I am really loving this system so far. Not sure if I will need to upgrade back to a personal size when uni starts back. We will see.

I also have an exciting new Filofax related purchase to come, hopefully just in time for uni if I do decide to upgrade to a personal.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why all the neon?

So in the last few weeks I have noticed an increasing amount of neon stationary appearing on the market. post it notes, planners, folders, paper, you name it is comes in neon.

Now, I love my highlighters, my collection is growing monthly, I purchased some 'bright' post it notes for highlighting items in my diary but THAT IS IT!

Now, I am looking for some show of hands who agrees with me on this controversial statement. NEON IS TACKY!!!!  
Even Filofax have jumped on the band wagon of neon, seriously????
I envision Filofax as a classy English brand that professional people tote around the fancy streets of London. Not an insane hue of colour that is neon....
Brace yourself; here is an example -
I am sorry, but how is this classy???
It can never compete with the classiness something like this binder from Filofax.

Now, I can imagine a professional person carrying this during the lunch break from their fancy office job in London.
So there you have it, my rant is over. I know many people won't agree with me, and I by no means am your typical definition of classy. (A fancy Filofax helps though, right?). I am not writing this with the intention of upsetting anyone, I am hoping that I am not alone in the thought of this.
Now I will go an drool over some muted colour Filofax's. :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Week 28

Wow! What a busy week!

Our cleaning that I spoke of last week wrapped up(thank god). Super busy with family popping in etc, Friday was an expensive day I got my tax back and decided to pay all my Uni fees. :)

Hope you had a great week :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr - Clay Purifying Mask Review

In the past few months Miranda Kerr who is the brains behind this brand has appeared in numerous magazines promoting this product range.
So I thought I would do a review on my favourite Kora Organics product.
The Kora Organics Clay Purifying Mask.
History of Clay
The aim of the product is in its name. It is used to purify your skin by drawing out the toxins. Upon doing some research I discovered that clay is described as a ‘nanomaterial’ and is used for both industrial and commercial use. The first recording of using clay was in Cyprus and Greece over 5000 years ago for bleaching fleece and clothes. In China it has been used for ceramics, cosmetics and beauty treatments and medicine. The ancient Egyptians used ‘red ochre’ (a tinted clay mixture) which they would apply to their face to enhance their lips and cheeks.  Source:

So why use a clay mask?
If the history lesson above doesn’t provide you with enough information some of the benefits outlined by GREEN MAKE UP of using a clay mask on your skin is;

- extremely high absorbent power (Therefore, always discard the used clay, because it accumulates damaging substances from the body.)

- antiseptic and antibacterial properties

- absorbs dirt, oil and other toxins from the skin surface

- clay acts selectively, prevents microorganism growth and stimulates the regeneration of healthy cells

- it purifies and renew the body, if you drink it for detoxification (when used internally)*

- clay attracts toxins from the body and it heals where needed (when used internally)*

- stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph

- removes dead skin cells”

 Is it really organic? 
Like everything in the Kora Organics line this mask is an Certified Organic product. Many companies state they produce ‘natural products’ which the buyer would assume that the ingredients are derived from natural sources. Now I am not saying that these products are not, I personally don’t know enough about chemicals/natural balances in skincare to provide you with a clear cut picture. However I have some firsthand experience dealing with products that are certified organic products. They go through a rigorous testing process, which is very strict and must meet the Australian Certified Organics requirements. Kora Organics is proud of achieving the requirements to meet this certification.  I also highly doubt Miranda Kerr would risk her reputation by not having it organic when she is promoting it to the cows come home.

The Product
The product has a lovely texture to it. The smell is very ‘earthy’, which is a nice change from the chemical filled masks I have been using before this one. 
In terms of usage, I find that a little goes a fair way. A ten cent coin sized dollop will coat your face in a thin layer of the mask.  The product directions instruct you to leave it on your skin for 5-10 minutes.
A trick for the best results from this mask is to exfoliate before application.

The overall results will depend on a number of factors such as, your skin toxin level, how long you leave the mask on, hormones and of course how frequently you use the mask. 
I have used the mask at least twice a week for a period of 3 months. I can really see a difference in my skin and the results of the product. In the first month of using the product it brought out all of the toxins in my skin to the surface. This is where many people give up on a clay mask when in actual fact it is doing its job.  It is a bit disheartening to see everything boil to the surface, but do not give up!  
The last two months of the trial have been great. My skin now feels fresh when the mask is used and there is minimal toxins coming to the surface. I think it is a good idea to ‘spring clean’ your skin as you go and then there are no nasty surprises when you start using a clay mask.


Price vs. Quantity 
I purchased the product from David Jones, which is a high end retail store. People who shop in David Jones usually are purchasing high end products and the price tag associated with the products. However, there is an online option as well.

You receive 100ml worth of product for the price of $49.95 AUD. It does seem like a lot to pay for 100ml worth of product. However, this brand is up there with the best of them. Seeing that the product is organic I think the price point of this item is worthy of the hefty price tag.


Do I recommend this product?
Yes I sure do! J

It is lovely to see Miranda Kerr be the brains behind this operation. I think her line can only grow further. Her commitment to keeping all things natural and free of chemicals is proven and she has a great brand philosophy.


*This review is purely my own thoughts, I purchased this product with my own money and was not asked to do this review by any one at Kora Organics or any one affiliated with Kora Organics*

Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Week 27

This week has gone quickly. My mother is on holidays from work and my sister is on school holidays so it is a full house!

We have started our winter clean, which is where we go through each room of the house and do the curtains, edges, floors, you name it we are cleaning it...every inch of the house. I guess unless you love house cleaning you will feel my pain. I detest cleaning so much. It's not that I don't like living in a clean house it's just more of the chore of doing it. So that really has been my major task this week.

As with a major clean out my bedroom is always such a huge task for me. I have the smallest bedroom in the house and of course I have the most stuff. I am not very good at these massive clean ups because I tend to go through all of the paper in the section of my room bit by bit. My family tell me I clean like a hoarder lol. I guess it is true. I would like to keep my rational policy of, 'If I haven't used it in the last three months, I don't need it'. Sadly the hoarder inside me screams and feels bad for wasting things. (maybe it is time to see a physiologist lol)

Enough about cleaning and my strange habits..

My weekly decoration has come from a few sources, again strips from my calendar used in a washi type formation. Some cute stamps I found at Typo. I adore the teacup stamp. I have used it for next week when I have coffee or a lunch date :)

 This week I have been obsessed with starting to use and adapt my A5 Finsbury as my 'home planner'. This was on my list of things to do over the uni holidays. It is a work in progress and won't really be used until I a. have a new job (there is something in the works, keep your fingers crossed for me) and b. start uni again.
I really hate these long breaks in between semesters. I end up out of a routine and it takes me a good 5 weeks to get the hang of a new one :(

Still on the subject of my A5 I have decided upon it's theme, and found the loveliest scrapbooking paper, tape and sticky notes.

So there you have it, my jumbled up week.

I am now off to do some more cleaning... :(