Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 17!

So week 17 has been a long arse week!

I am still struggling to complete my assignment (you can see myself yelling at me to get it done).

In an attempt to keep busy I went into cleaning mode. However as soon as I started I found something interesting and got distracted now my room looks worse. I ended up so distracted/procrastinating that I ended up cleaning my shelves, digging out my winter scarfs and hats and sorting between the good and the bad, I also changed my bedspread and linen theme. Pictures below.

I have also found other ways to forms of procrastination are below.

My Filofax is cluttered this week, I went shopping during the week in myer (department store) and saw a lovely new perfume. I took a sample card and stuck it in this week. Now my Filofax smells lovely :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week 16!

Yay for mid semester HOLIDAYS!

I spent the week taking a break and spending time with my little sister. We spent most of the week watching movies. Rented out Pitch Perfect, what an awesome movie! I am a sucker for anything that is about team work and music lol!

I sadly got out of the habit of my sleeping routine. One late night during the week and I'm thrown off for days. :( however I have entered the exciting world of nail art! I have a new found appreciation for nail polish.

I went to the movies with 2 friends to see the new movie (not my choice) Warm Bodies. It is ridiculous and predictable but it was fun to go out and have a chat and a laugh.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A different approach to assignments

This week has gone so quickly I can't believe it is Friday already! I am on holidays from Uni which is awesome because it has been so cold here in Sydney.

However 2 weeks off means I have 3 assignments due the week I return to Uni.

One assignment is for Economics. I really struggle with Econ (even though it is my faculty). I find the subject very tedious. I am a creative person so I am not used to this heavily structured subject. As much as I crave structure I love subjects that allow you to explore options as to why, economics does not provide this. They trick you with terms you think you already know and change the meaning lol!

My assignment requires little outside research so that is a plus, however the markers are expecting to see 10 pages worth of work! (essentially 2 pages per question) this is the biggest assignment I have ever had to date.

I decided to brake down the questions and go through the sections with a highlighter and highlight the main parts of the question. ( words like 'why' 'anaylse' 'describe' ...the key words that help you action the appropriate task to answer the question)
I also highlighted the terms that I needed to revise to fully grasp the concept of the question. I did this for all five questions and complied a list of terms to revise according to the question.

I have never thought of approaching an assignment like this before, however I am already interested in it because it is colorful!

My aim is to complete one set of questions every two days over the next week or so then I won't feel so overloaded with information so hopefully my answers will be more concise. ( hopefully I will end up with a good mark as I normally complete my assignments the night before they are due. I work better under pressure, but my stress levels don't cope very well.)

Would love to hear your thoughts or approaches to assignments :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few new Filofax tweaks

Hi there

Just sharing a few new tweaks I have made to my current metropol Filofax.

I've been planning this Filofax revamp as I am waiting on a response from Filofax regarding this issue of purchasing a brand new finsbury which had NO inserts in it and a misaligned ring (grrr) once I have sorted I just want to transfer everything over.

In the beginning of the year I had my projects and goals tab in this filofax along with ,y uni tab and diary pages. I have now moved my goals and projects into the slimline Filofax I have that holds my passwords and money things.

I think once I have my finsbury issues sorted I will use my metropol for my projects,

I have actioned my skin care insert as you can see in my pictures below.

I attended a hens night last Sunday and the little pearl was on a chocolate wrapper (I always try and take 2 things when it comes to party gifts. One to eat and one to put in the display cupboard the hosts things from all different family events, I don't know if most families do this or if it is just a strange thing we have going on.) It was just to pretty to throw away and I love all things pearls!
It's slightly bulky on the today marker, but I don't know what else to do with it.

The third tweak was adding in my assignment planners, I stole this idea from angela at paperlovestory and made up my own to suit my needs.
You can probably see the line or Colour difference between the margin where the holes are punched and the insert.

I am fed up with my plastic punch denting my paper once I punch the holes so I scanned a cardboard backing to my note pads and I am now using these as a template to create my own personal inserts. To punch my holes I have been using just a standard hole punch which I find so much easier, the scanned template has great guidelines to punch the holes, you just need a steady enough hand :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I LOVE New Music!

Don't you just love listening to that indie radio station and you hear the most amazing band and you fall in love before the reach the commercial radio stations? I know I do!


In sydney we have Triple J bringing us new music. I hardly listen to this station only because I never know any of the songs they play on it, because most of them are new and upcoming bands or bands you don't hear about on commercial radio.

However, one morning driving to uni (doing my job as a uni student by listening to triple j fitting in with the stereotype here.)

I heard them play this band called Clubfeet ! I had the song stuck in my head all day. Came home and bought the album on itunes and I haven’t stopped listening to it! They are a bit of a modern take on awesome 80’s music.


Here is a link to that catchy tune that first got me hooked:


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




Another find of new music was a late night drive home from somewhere listening to one of the commercial radio stations and came across Flume. Now if you are a Sydney sider I am sorry, I know this is old news and over played news on the radio, but the album is amazing, and Flume is only very young, I think and hope his career progresses I can see him as the next Calvin Harris in the sense of collaborating with other artists. I will be keeping an eye out for this one.


Here is a link to this awesome song:


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So if you are after some new music, check these Australian artists out, we seem to be bringing some talent up the ranks.


Have you got some new music finds? I would love to hear about them!

Week 15!

Hello! This week has gone forever!

I've had a pretty crappy week with assessments (includes bursting into tears while trying to understand an assignment) also getting an assessment back that I was hoping for a better mark, but 70% is still a credit :)

I ended the weekend by celebrating an old work friends Hens Night on Sunday. It was a Lebanese hens night, I've never been to one before, was an interesting experience. Very different to any other hens night I've been to.
I thought it was really nice, I love how they celebrate with lots of food, lots of dancing and the bride to be had the most amazing dresses made (4 of them). Loved the whole thing!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Filofax Insert Idea


I've been searching the net for some new filofax inserts that I can print (I am having a bit of a planner revamp) I have found a few ideas on Angela's page (paperlovestory) her assignment planners are great! I have also been searching philofaxy's inserts, but I thought of one this morning, which I have been dying to mock up all day and here it is;

A skincare regime reminder page!

I work within the cosmetics and skincare business, so I am a nerd when it comes to make up and skincare, however I am not very good at remembering if I put the clay mask on yesterday or the day before. I was going to mark it in my filofax when I got the brainwave of just making an insert for it.

Here is a picture of it;

I started with a word document and put in a table, starting with just numbers (so I don't have to keep making one each month) and then I just added in the products that I use on a regular basis (It seems like a lot, but I don't use them every day, as they would end up cancelling each other out). You can see the basic Cleanser,toner etc. These change every month or so I haven't listed specifics, however the things that read, "facial peel cream", "complexion refiner" are all Nutrimetics Products. (I mainly use nutirmetics as it's the company I work for if you want to look at my page *self promotion*)

So the idea is to keep this in a section that I will tick every day what steps I have completed for that day. So I will always know when I put that clay mask on. (If anyone uses a clay mask, they would know how it brings almost everything out and you look like a pizza face for a few days after lol)

It's the little things in life :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Week 14

This is a very late post (sorry Angela) :(

Here is my week 14.

P.s if you are looking for a new salad to make, wombok salad is amazing!!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Zero Dollar Day Challenge Update

So it's been a week since my zero dollar day challenge, I really like this. It helps make a logical dession when purchasing something, and I end up excitied when I can count the cash in my wallet when the weekend comes.

Saldy the fact of actually living costs money, we all have bills, fees etc so truly no day is a zero dollar day, however I really like the idea of not spending money a few days a week.

Over the last week or so I have had 4 zero dollar days. Which has been awesome, sadly I failed at the attempt and made a huge purchase (filofax related) which I am considering taking back. We shall see how well I go with zero dollar days over the next week and see if I feel less gulity over it.

Monday, 1 April 2013

First Quater Review

Hello April,

I am a little sad to see April here already, months just seem to fly past. I thought I would do a quick review of my goals for this year and post about how I am tracking at keeping them.

  • Try my very best to achieve at least a credit or higher on my uni subjects. - So far so good.I know I blog and talk about being a student alot, but I must say I really love it. I left high school at the age of 15 and deep down was angry as I felt like my chances of going to uni were gone. I have had a lot of negative feedback from others because I chose to leave school early or because I have decided to go back to studying at aged 20. I'm not overly academic so my results I get are the ones I work damn hard for and I am proud of myself for it.

  • I will put away at least $20 a week for my phone bill so there will be no nasty deductions from my account.
  • Hmm..I have been doing this on and off...more off then on :(

  • I will keep myself motivated and look at new ways to develop my own business.
  • Lately I've been considering if this is worth my time...
  • I will not spend money on crazy purchases
  • I think this has been going well. I have made big purchases at a time when most sales are on.

  • I will go for an hour long walk at least twice a week (after my walk around Balmain, I have come the the conclusion that it really wasn't that bad)
  • This one hasn't been to well thought out. My fitness goals have fallen to the wayside, but as it is April, i think I will jump on the wagon again and start by eating better.

  • On the days where I am at home I will be up by 7.30am
  • I will be organised
  • This one isn't very specific, but I feel like I am in control of things :)
  • I will try to keep the house and my room tidy
  • I will read at least 2 books a month
  • The begining of the year started well, I haven't found a book that really grabs me for a while, so this isn't going as well.

    Lastly; some highlights.

    • I turned 21, not the celebrations I had wanted, but I am old enough to know that it's the people that make an effort to come along that really matter. :)
    • I really do enjoy uni, even if in the middle of a semester I have a bit of a downfall (like right now...)
    • I got to see my lovely friend Aimee, who lives in Perth
    • I went and chopped off my hair and dyed it dark is suprising how a simple change like that just makes you feel better about yourself :)

    Week 13


    Wow! How fast did that week go?

    So I'm back in my personal metropol, lacking inspiration to make it colourful yet, but will work on it :)

    Hope the easter bunny was good to you all x