Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few new Filofax tweaks

Hi there

Just sharing a few new tweaks I have made to my current metropol Filofax.

I've been planning this Filofax revamp as I am waiting on a response from Filofax regarding this issue of purchasing a brand new finsbury which had NO inserts in it and a misaligned ring (grrr) once I have sorted I just want to transfer everything over.

In the beginning of the year I had my projects and goals tab in this filofax along with ,y uni tab and diary pages. I have now moved my goals and projects into the slimline Filofax I have that holds my passwords and money things.

I think once I have my finsbury issues sorted I will use my metropol for my projects,

I have actioned my skin care insert as you can see in my pictures below.

I attended a hens night last Sunday and the little pearl was on a chocolate wrapper (I always try and take 2 things when it comes to party gifts. One to eat and one to put in the display cupboard the hosts things from all different family events, I don't know if most families do this or if it is just a strange thing we have going on.) It was just to pretty to throw away and I love all things pearls!
It's slightly bulky on the today marker, but I don't know what else to do with it.

The third tweak was adding in my assignment planners, I stole this idea from angela at paperlovestory and made up my own to suit my needs.
You can probably see the line or Colour difference between the margin where the holes are punched and the insert.

I am fed up with my plastic punch denting my paper once I punch the holes so I scanned a cardboard backing to my note pads and I am now using these as a template to create my own personal inserts. To punch my holes I have been using just a standard hole punch which I find so much easier, the scanned template has great guidelines to punch the holes, you just need a steady enough hand :)

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