Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 17!

So week 17 has been a long arse week!

I am still struggling to complete my assignment (you can see myself yelling at me to get it done).

In an attempt to keep busy I went into cleaning mode. However as soon as I started I found something interesting and got distracted now my room looks worse. I ended up so distracted/procrastinating that I ended up cleaning my shelves, digging out my winter scarfs and hats and sorting between the good and the bad, I also changed my bedspread and linen theme. Pictures below.

I have also found other ways to forms of procrastination are below.

My Filofax is cluttered this week, I went shopping during the week in myer (department store) and saw a lovely new perfume. I took a sample card and stuck it in this week. Now my Filofax smells lovely :)

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