Sunday, 14 April 2013

I LOVE New Music!

Don't you just love listening to that indie radio station and you hear the most amazing band and you fall in love before the reach the commercial radio stations? I know I do!


In sydney we have Triple J bringing us new music. I hardly listen to this station only because I never know any of the songs they play on it, because most of them are new and upcoming bands or bands you don't hear about on commercial radio.

However, one morning driving to uni (doing my job as a uni student by listening to triple j fitting in with the stereotype here.)

I heard them play this band called Clubfeet ! I had the song stuck in my head all day. Came home and bought the album on itunes and I haven’t stopped listening to it! They are a bit of a modern take on awesome 80’s music.


Here is a link to that catchy tune that first got me hooked:


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Another find of new music was a late night drive home from somewhere listening to one of the commercial radio stations and came across Flume. Now if you are a Sydney sider I am sorry, I know this is old news and over played news on the radio, but the album is amazing, and Flume is only very young, I think and hope his career progresses I can see him as the next Calvin Harris in the sense of collaborating with other artists. I will be keeping an eye out for this one.


Here is a link to this awesome song:


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So if you are after some new music, check these Australian artists out, we seem to be bringing some talent up the ranks.


Have you got some new music finds? I would love to hear about them!

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