Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Filofax Insert Idea


I've been searching the net for some new filofax inserts that I can print (I am having a bit of a planner revamp) I have found a few ideas on Angela's page (paperlovestory) her assignment planners are great! I have also been searching philofaxy's inserts, but I thought of one this morning, which I have been dying to mock up all day and here it is;

A skincare regime reminder page!

I work within the cosmetics and skincare business, so I am a nerd when it comes to make up and skincare, however I am not very good at remembering if I put the clay mask on yesterday or the day before. I was going to mark it in my filofax when I got the brainwave of just making an insert for it.

Here is a picture of it;

I started with a word document and put in a table, starting with just numbers (so I don't have to keep making one each month) and then I just added in the products that I use on a regular basis (It seems like a lot, but I don't use them every day, as they would end up cancelling each other out). You can see the basic Cleanser,toner etc. These change every month or so I haven't listed specifics, however the things that read, "facial peel cream", "complexion refiner" are all Nutrimetics Products. (I mainly use nutirmetics as it's the company I work for if you want to look at my page *self promotion*)

So the idea is to keep this in a section that I will tick every day what steps I have completed for that day. So I will always know when I put that clay mask on. (If anyone uses a clay mask, they would know how it brings almost everything out and you look like a pizza face for a few days after lol)

It's the little things in life :)


  1. Great form. Looks like it will work well.

    1. Thanks, I've started using it and loving so far :)

  2. I started a "Skincare Regime" page but never got around to finalizing it! Yours is great!