Thursday, 18 April 2013

A different approach to assignments

This week has gone so quickly I can't believe it is Friday already! I am on holidays from Uni which is awesome because it has been so cold here in Sydney.

However 2 weeks off means I have 3 assignments due the week I return to Uni.

One assignment is for Economics. I really struggle with Econ (even though it is my faculty). I find the subject very tedious. I am a creative person so I am not used to this heavily structured subject. As much as I crave structure I love subjects that allow you to explore options as to why, economics does not provide this. They trick you with terms you think you already know and change the meaning lol!

My assignment requires little outside research so that is a plus, however the markers are expecting to see 10 pages worth of work! (essentially 2 pages per question) this is the biggest assignment I have ever had to date.

I decided to brake down the questions and go through the sections with a highlighter and highlight the main parts of the question. ( words like 'why' 'anaylse' 'describe' ...the key words that help you action the appropriate task to answer the question)
I also highlighted the terms that I needed to revise to fully grasp the concept of the question. I did this for all five questions and complied a list of terms to revise according to the question.

I have never thought of approaching an assignment like this before, however I am already interested in it because it is colorful!

My aim is to complete one set of questions every two days over the next week or so then I won't feel so overloaded with information so hopefully my answers will be more concise. ( hopefully I will end up with a good mark as I normally complete my assignments the night before they are due. I work better under pressure, but my stress levels don't cope very well.)

Would love to hear your thoughts or approaches to assignments :)

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