Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve - Balmain, Sydney

Happy New Year!

Last night I rang in the new year with a few friends in Balmain, Sydney.

We started the night at Bar Century in Sydney CBD, not the best bar, staff aren't very friendly and the crowd was a bit up themselves, but for $5 Midori's no one really cared.

I then had a million missed calls from my little sister who was out at a party, like the lovely worried sister that I am I decided I would come home. As I was sitting waiting for the train home I had a phone call to say that everything was okay.

By that stage it was 10pm, I thought I would meet up with the girls over at Balmain. I hoped in a cab to find that the road into Balmain was closed at 7pm for all cabs and everyone has to walk...NOT HAPPY JAN! From where I was dropped off to where I needed to be is almost a 3km walk, so off I went. Can I just note that I believe this is poor organisation on the police's part. I am a young girl, all by myself, not knowing where I am meant to be heading and they just let me go. They really should have run shuttle buses for the crowds.

Finally I arrvied at the park that my friends where in, got handed a drink and was happy. watched the famous Sydney is a picture, this is from Darling Harbour, we were sitting on the other side of the harbour.

Finally the night was over...or so we thought, Public transport in sydney sucks! A better system needs to be developed. Once we finally got on a bus, 2 hrs after we left the park, we then had to hop on a train, which wasn't a huge wait, thank god! However the train ride was every single stop on the way home, we finally  made it to the station at 4.00am, we then joined the taxi line, we made it home at 5am and headed straight to bed. What a night!

At the end of the day, I had a drink, spent the night with some good people, and finally saw the fireworks in person. All in all, it's not the destination, it's the journey and the people you share it with!

I wish all of you a very happy new year! I hope you all celebrated it with your loved ones. Here's to a fantastic 2013!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Week 1 - no acrylics

Today brings me into my first week without my acrylic nails. Since I am no longer employed fulltime I have started to try and curb my costs.
I havent seen my natural nails in almost 18months. This is a very big change.
I am very suprised that they aren't worse off, has anyone got any tips or tricks to help me stick it out?

Friday, 21 December 2012

Birkenhead Point Shopping Trip


A few weeks ago my best friend and I drove to Birkenhead Point for a bit of retail therapy after our uni exams finished.

Thought I would share my bargins with you.

The first stop we made was over course to grab coffee, then the real shopping started. First stop MIMCO!

I nabbed a few bargins, a winter scarf and beanie and also a sorong, which I thought was a scarf, tis all good, I love the colour of it so much I had to have it!

Hopefully you can see the photos clearly, there really was some bargins to be had there.


I had promised myself that I was not going to purchase any more bags after my shopping during click frenzy, however we did happen to walk past Oroton with a 60% off sale. A few weeks earlier Oroton had a 50% sale and I was after a specific item, but of course they had taken it off line. I begged Tahlia to let me stop and have a look in the store, thank goodness she agreed because as soon as we walked in my eye made a beeline for the bag I have been leeming for a good 5 months!

This bag retails for $245.00AUS!!! I scored it for an AMAZING $98.00!!!!
We wondered into the last shop not looking for anything special, however we discovered an amazing shoe store called Steve Madden.
I scored these babys! last pair on the shelf and in my size! (Yes! this company makes shoes in half sizes!)

Retails for $179.00 (which I would never ever pay for shoes) I scored them for $40.00!
So a rather productive day of shopping with a dear friend :) 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Garnier BB Cream -Review Part Two

Hello again!

Here is the second installment of my review of the Garnier BB Cream. After using this cream for about a month I have seen some changes to my skin, the healing agent that is meant to be in it does kind of work. It's not as powerful as some other products I use/have used but it does it's job.

As much as everyone raves about this cream I find it incredibly oily. You really do have to set with a powder. Sydney has experienced some really warm weather in the past few weeks, even setting the BB cream I still felt like my face was running off.

I really wanted to love this product, but I think I will stick with my tinted moisturizer...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Filofax Set up - 2013

So here I am once again, I've been meaning to post this forever but have only just gotten a chance now.

Here is my set up for 2013

Front - Includes Post it notes, student cards for uni, business cards for local florist, take away shop ect and page flag thingys. The pocket contains a photo strip of my friends and just random bits and bobs I collect through the year.


This photo shows the size difference between most AUS business cards compared to the US standard size. As you can see the teal coloured business card is considerably bigger than the card slot. This card is my business card for work, however I was just able to squeeze my uni student cards and some small business cards into the slots. I haven't attempted to pull them out yet in a hurry so we shall see how practical this set up is in a few weeks.  (p.s excuse the ugly hands with the nails that desperatly need to be infiled.)

Ok so here is a shot of the tabs I created. I used the A-Z divider tab as my base. I then just mesured and printed out the following tabs and cut them out. I used the amazing scotch tape, you know the one that goes see through to seal the tabs. I love how creative people are with their hand written tabs, but it really just isn't me, so here we have this instead.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE the horizontal pages! I am left handed and really do struggle to use the right hand side of the binder, I think these are a fabulous idea.

The way I have set this out is I have the monthly overview, then the monthly inserts, it's a tad annoying that the pages are back to back and have the months running together, but what ever! I'll make it work.

Sooo that's about it. No doubt more things will be added in as the year goes but that is it for now.

Click Frenzy Sale - Part Three

Here we are again, last click frenzy sale post.

I was lucky enough to score myself two bottles of my favourite perfume that where SUPER cheap!

I was also lucky enough to score 2 bottles of Vodka from Dan Murphy's for $80ish for the 2 of them


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Click Frenzy Sales - Part Two


Happy December!!! I've been a little slack in posting these but here we go.

So during the click frenzy sales I scored 5 bags from Strandbags for amazing prices!

I am only able to show you 2 of them as the rest are Christmas presents, (doubt the people I purchased them for will ever read this, but ya never know)

The first baby (I have more handbags than anyone would imagine, I refer to my bags like men refer to their cars...) I purchased was this one:

Click to see here, because my computer/internet/blogger will not let me upload photos today

The colours are vibrant and it is really just so pretty, the blue in the background of the print just pops so much...I can even look past the horrible brown handles etc. I plan to use this bag for all my uni things.

The next one I have had my eye on for a while but really wasn't happy paying full price as I think it was very over priced I am sure in the store it was $100, even though it seems to be $79.95 on the website.

 And again, click here to see the goodies!

 I have a Kardashian Kollection bag in a very similar style to this one. I haven't used it yet, but I do love it!

So there we have it, very excited about these lovely things!

There is a few more things purchased in the sales, more too come!