Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Filofax Set up - 2013

So here I am once again, I've been meaning to post this forever but have only just gotten a chance now.

Here is my set up for 2013

Front - Includes Post it notes, student cards for uni, business cards for local florist, take away shop ect and page flag thingys. The pocket contains a photo strip of my friends and just random bits and bobs I collect through the year.


This photo shows the size difference between most AUS business cards compared to the US standard size. As you can see the teal coloured business card is considerably bigger than the card slot. This card is my business card for work, however I was just able to squeeze my uni student cards and some small business cards into the slots. I haven't attempted to pull them out yet in a hurry so we shall see how practical this set up is in a few weeks.  (p.s excuse the ugly hands with the nails that desperatly need to be infiled.)

Ok so here is a shot of the tabs I created. I used the A-Z divider tab as my base. I then just mesured and printed out the following tabs and cut them out. I used the amazing scotch tape, you know the one that goes see through to seal the tabs. I love how creative people are with their hand written tabs, but it really just isn't me, so here we have this instead.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE the horizontal pages! I am left handed and really do struggle to use the right hand side of the binder, I think these are a fabulous idea.

The way I have set this out is I have the monthly overview, then the monthly inserts, it's a tad annoying that the pages are back to back and have the months running together, but what ever! I'll make it work.

Sooo that's about it. No doubt more things will be added in as the year goes but that is it for now.

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