Friday, 21 December 2012

Birkenhead Point Shopping Trip


A few weeks ago my best friend and I drove to Birkenhead Point for a bit of retail therapy after our uni exams finished.

Thought I would share my bargins with you.

The first stop we made was over course to grab coffee, then the real shopping started. First stop MIMCO!

I nabbed a few bargins, a winter scarf and beanie and also a sorong, which I thought was a scarf, tis all good, I love the colour of it so much I had to have it!

Hopefully you can see the photos clearly, there really was some bargins to be had there.


I had promised myself that I was not going to purchase any more bags after my shopping during click frenzy, however we did happen to walk past Oroton with a 60% off sale. A few weeks earlier Oroton had a 50% sale and I was after a specific item, but of course they had taken it off line. I begged Tahlia to let me stop and have a look in the store, thank goodness she agreed because as soon as we walked in my eye made a beeline for the bag I have been leeming for a good 5 months!

This bag retails for $245.00AUS!!! I scored it for an AMAZING $98.00!!!!
We wondered into the last shop not looking for anything special, however we discovered an amazing shoe store called Steve Madden.
I scored these babys! last pair on the shelf and in my size! (Yes! this company makes shoes in half sizes!)

Retails for $179.00 (which I would never ever pay for shoes) I scored them for $40.00!
So a rather productive day of shopping with a dear friend :) 

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