Thursday, 30 May 2013

University – what to do when you don’t pass an assessment

This week I have been so down, last night I jumped online to look at what marks I received for my economics essay. The whole essay was marked out of 50, and I received 19.5…yep, you read that right, I didn’t even pass the assignment.

Now, in my whole academic career I have not failed an assignment. I joked with friends about how when I go to pick up my assignment, they could just look in the pile labelled ‘Fail’ to find mine. Well that joke came back to bite me, I really didn’t pass.

Devastated and embarrassed ( the marks were released publicly to anyone sitting in the unit – with our student numbers and marks) I took to Facebook – in hindsight this isn’t the best idea, wrote a depressive status about how ‘although you have no doubt it is coming, it is still upsetting’.

So after that, the panic set in. This is the train of thought that generally comes with this sort of panic - What if this means I don’t pass this unit, I am going to get a fail mark, and have to pay $1,500 for something I failed, what if I just withdraw from the unit?,  how did this happen? Why do I suck? (insert continuous depressive and panic stricken thoughts in here).

So what happens now? Well my first port of call was too look at how much the assignment weighting was in the whole unit. It turns out that the assignment was only worth 15%. Which doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes down to it that 15% could be the difference in passing or not.

I’m not too sure how many points or marks I have for this subject, (I think most teachers don’t like giving them out as it spurs students to study hard for the exams.) My next thought was to form a list of questions for the unit convenor and swallow my broken pride and call. I called the teacher looking for some guidance as to whether I should sit the exam or withdraw from the unit, which was a drastic move, but one I considered.

He advised me to stick with the class and sit the exam, and if it didn’t work out in the end speak with him after my marks are released. To see what my next options are.

I have two options as my contingency plan. I can look at the areas I struggled with and sit the unit again on top of the other units I will have next semester.  Being a normal semester I will have roughly 12 weeks to learn the content again and it might just be a case of understanding it better the second time round.

Now, this is a route that I would rather not go down as it means I would have to sit an extra exam and still have the same amount of workload that I do now plus this one again.

The second option is one I am hoping to action if I don’t scrape into the passing stage which is summer school. Summer school at my uni is offered and limit to 2 subjects per summer semester. It is an intensive semester with the content only spanning roughly 8 weeks. (perfect for my concentration level). It would also be the only class I would take therefore focusing all my energy on that one. Which means I could excel or I could crumble. So with that in mind, my study period begins this weekend. I am hoping to boost my marks by doing the exam, but if I don’t quite get there I have a plan to fall back on.

Bottom line is, don’t panic if you don’t pass there is almost always a back up plan. If you feel like you are struggling and not going to pass reach out for some advice, don’t be embarrassed to ask, I wish I had of done it sooner during the semester.

For anyone who is reading who has exam season approaching, I wish you the best of luck!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week 21!

Week 21 has been a long week. I completed my 2nd last essay for the semester on Monday - a tad of drama there but all sorted :)
I was reading through some blogs about the gratitude project. I really love this idea and have decided to do this for a month to see how far I get.
You can see the start of mine on the spotted post it note, which I will keep a weeks worth and write them into my notebook on sunday to help review the week.
I have exams coming up and was meant to create a study plan and print past exams which I haven't done but will be this afternoon :)
Yesterday I celebrated one of my best friends birthdays by walking around Windsor Markets and Lunch at The Church Bar -lovely day out :)
How was your week? Anything exciting happen?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Skin Care Tip: Cleanser Changes for the seasons


I was reading an article in last months Cleo magazine about skincare tips. Australia is getting colder and wetter with each day coming into winter.

The article suggested that we should start to change our cleaners as the months get colder.

The aurthor of the article writes that if you use a foaming cleanser, you should move to a milk cleanser.
If you are using a milk cleanser move up the scale to using a cream cleanser and if you are using a cream cleanser, good job! Stay where you are.

I thought this was really intresting information and upon reading this I have progressed up the chain to a milk cleanser. I am hoping to find a lovely cream cleanser as winter hits. I have noticed a drastic result in my skin from this time last year to now.

I guess it would also make sense to reverse the steps as the warmer months approach.

So there you have it, small changes make a difference. :)

Liebster Award Nomination

So I have been nominated by Ella at Nerd Zilla for a Liebster award - thanks Ella. I forget that people actually read my blog or come across it here and there.

I've never heard of this award, but it sounds like fun. :)

So I have to write 11 random facts about myself and answer questions set by Ella.

Here are my random facts;

11 random facts

1.       I love to bake – sadly I haven’t for a long time

2.       I have a strange obsession with the Eiffel Tower

3.       I hate wearing sneakers/joggers I think they are daggy

4.       I love 90’s dance music

5.       I also love R&B music

6.       I hate stairs and will walk the long way around to avoid them

7.       I have always hated my name, and wished and still do wish to have a ‘normal’ name

8.       I am fascinated by cocktails, I love mixing flavours

9.       I hate the colour orange

10.   I look terribly ill when I wear yellow

11.   I can’t stand flannelette sheets
Here are my questions from Ella;
1.       What is your favorite phrase?
Hm, this is a tough one. I think I say ‘Oh my god’ way too often, but I think my favourite comes from my family which is “No, I never” it always sparks a debate with my cousins to what it actually means, or if it even makes sense.
2.       What would you do if you woke up and were 16 again?
I wouldn’t mind that, I really enjoyed being 16 – it was a fun year. I would tell myself to be a little wilder, just to experience a few more things in life
3.       Do you take vitamins?
Not everyday. I have vitamins that give you an energy boost, (Click here for product) and they really do work, however they smell horrible and I only really take them during exam week.
4.       How many iPods have you owned?
I seem to kill ipods with over use, so far I have had/have 5 my first one was the first little shuffle ipod came out.
5.       Dog or cat?
Well I own a cat, so I am going to say cat.
6.       In your opinion, what is the best writing utensil?
I love a nice black fine tip pen to write with. I love the Kikik pens, they have an awesome fine tip, however I still love the frixion pens because you can erase them! (I am a sucker for a gimmick). I also love the Sharppie felt pens. I love these pens because they force me to write a bit neater, because if I don't I end up with pen all over my hand (curse of being left handed and writting with a leaning sloping hand)
7.       What is your favorite TV show?
This is another hard one, I watch way to much tv, and all sorts of shows. However I love The Apprentice, either celebrity or just with normal people. I would love to go on that show.
8.       If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
I think I would like to have the power to teleport. I spend so much of my time travelling, stuck in traffic, driving others around. It would be nice just to arrive somewhere.
9.       What band/singer do you love but are too embarrassed to let anyone know?
Hmm love as in terms of music? ABBA – best pop band EVER! It’s never a family party until an ABBA song starts playing.
10.   What's your favorite number?
Number 7.
11.   Honestly, how many times have you been on Facebook today?
I live on facebook and with my ipad having an app, the amount of times I have been on today is countless.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Confession: I hate Hello Kitty

*gasp* I know right!

I know a lot of the blogging planner community loves it. I however do not. I think it's childish, and I am sure I stopped liking it after I turned 10. I also do not like the whole Japanese cutesy sticker thing either.

So there you have it, I feel slightly better now. I feel like everyone and their mothers love Hello Kitty, sadly I do not.

but I can't be the only one right? What is that one thing that everyone loves, that you do not?

Now I will continue on my merry way :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 20!

Wow 20 weeks into the year!

This week I decided to try a different layout. This came from The Homemakers page.

I love love love this layout! I wish filofax would produce this format for personal sized planners. I hate printing and cutting.

It's great because it gives me a really good visual sense to my week.
It also allows more room for colour coding!

As you can see, green is an action task i.e drive, catch train etc.
Pink is a busy time, I look at it like blocking out that time period. I love this idea it is something that I used to use in my office job on outlook. I imported the idea into the week. I think it worked really well.
It was great to block out time on Tuesday to complete my econ revision...I prob wouldn't have done it if I hadn't planned for that block out session.

The yellow highlighter represents uni work that has a time frame but is not specific to a set hour.

I love the todo list under each day, I have ticked some tasks, because I feel like a to do list should have a tick beside it. However I don't think I like the look of the ticks. Maybe if I highlight them.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Week 19!

Week 19 has been and what a week it was! I had a huge essay due, 17hours worth of work better get me a good mark!

As I get busier I seem to stop using my Filofax as much. I'm sure this defeats the purpose of keeping a planner, does anyone else experience this?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

University: Buying Lunch


Normally I am only on my uni campus for at least 3-4 hrs a day and then I drive straight home, however on Wednesday’s I have classes and lectures from 10am – 7pm – which is a long day. I bring snacks with me such as nuts or yummy protein bars. These are great just to chuck in your bag and go or if you are like me, eat them during lectures (we aren’t meant to eat in our lecture halls but I always end up starving in the middle of one lecture on a Wednesday.)

However some days you just feel like something nice for lunch. My campus is lovely, lots of coffee shops, we have a book shop, post office, bank, and food court. Which is great! However lunch normally costs me $10 + (salad and a drink costs $14.00!)

My campus is surrounded by a huge shopping centre about 10 min walk or 3 min drive, or there is a supermarket just north of the uni. I decided to venture up to the supermarket to grab a few things while I was on break.

I found this lovely HUGE tub of pre made caesar salad, with bacon, cheese and dressing. I always try and pick things that have a fork included in the pack. I walked over to the deli in the super market and picked up a piece of cooked chicken to add into my salad. I grabbed a can of drink…and the total came to $8.50!

Whilst this doesn’t seem like a big deal. I work on a daily budget of $25 a day while I am at uni (this includes petrol to drive to uni and back home.) At the end of the day this is a big saving in money, also means I can order a coffee in the late afternoon to keep me from falling asleep during a boring economics lectures.  

It may take more time and a bit more effort to walk off campus or drive off campus, but it refreshes your mind being in a different environment and saves you a few bob J

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week 18!

Can you believe how quickly this year is going???

Last week was manic, assignments due, readings and quizzes!

I handed in my econ assignment, I will be lucky if I pass it! However so glad that is over!

I ended up pulling my first offical uni all nighter to complete the webpage and essay for my gender studies class.

Then the teacher decided to grant everyone an extension! Grrr...oh well its all over and done with!

On to the next lot!