Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I (heart) The Reject Shop!

Hello, Uni has started this week, what does that mean? It means I am very busy and poor :(

However, I needed a lunch box so I made a trip down to the reject shop. I love cheap $2 shops. I couldn't help myself, I had to walk past the stationary section.

I ended up with a new pencil case (which I needed)
A a5 ruled note book, with a damask pattern on it, I love this print! It looks amazing on anything!
A packet of licensed (supposedly) Winnie the pooh tissues in a 5 pack, perfect size for travelling
A tin of canned chicken imported from Thailand...I'm not sure if I'm game enough to eat canned chicken, the whole canned tuna thing makes me hurl! I hope it's not gross, it would be great to take it to Uni with me.

Oh, I also received a few parcels in the mail today...some linen from my linen party and a new Filofax!!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

My week 8

I am always so surprised how quickly a week goes. Not that much of an interesting week, if had a migraine for almost 4 days. I am just over feeling unwell.

A messy looking week in my Filofax, hoot an awful lot happening, but 2 awesome things happened.

1. I scored my 2 textbook for Uni second hand and for the same price as 1 book brand new whoop!

2. If you notice on Thursday I happened to purchase my very first a5 filofax which Igot for a steal, and from an Australian retailer! It should be here by Thursday I'm hoping!
Whoop whoop!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Have you ever seen a Life Coach?

Life coaching seems to be something people make a mockery of. If you have ever watched Ab Fab, Eddie needs to ring her life coach to "channel what colour to wear for the day" (LOL!)

I have been intrested in life coaching for a while, not to see one, but to look at what they do.

Monday night I had the chance to attend a work training event where Lorna Hollinger ( www.smallbusinessdiva.com.au/ ) spoke to us about our business. However thinking it would be business development session, I got a lot of personal development out of it. Lorna went through the DiSC program (http://www.discprofile.com/whatisdisc.htm).

I thought this was an intresting concept as it teaches you to look at the traits of others and how to balance yourself in a group situtation and meet people on their level. (this is very important in the direct selling business)

I discovered during the night, that I am a 'I' person which means I fall into the influence category, I also am a "C' person, which puts me in the Conscientiousness category.

If you know of, or look into this program, these two categories are quite rare to find in one person (trust me to be the strange one) However, I questioned Lorna about this, it seems that my main category is Influence, however my Conscientiousness has been a learned section of my life, and when you look at the traits it is so true!

So, if you ever thought life coaches are to be mocked, you are very wrong. Open your mind, you might just learn a thing or two. Or like myself better understand yourself, which will lead to better undersanding others.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Week #7

Week 7!

This week wasn't very eventful I've come down with the flu and spent most of the week asleep. I also sat my exam for summer school. So glad that's over!

I discovered that Officeworks sells the Martha Stewart range! My cute little bubble sticker is from that range :)

I love the paper on the border it came from the January sheet from my wall calendar. it was a tiny strip fits almost perfectly, so pretty I couldn't waste it!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

12WBT Update -week 1

So today is Thursday, the second week is up on the website, have I actually done anything productive? no.

However I have learnt a few new tips for cooking healthy meals. I've tried to cook a recipe each day for lunch. Loving the pizza made out of pita bread, what an amazing idea! So quick and delicious will never eat normal pizza again!

I have been feeling really down lately, my sleeping pattern is out of whack and I feel like I've had this slowly progressing cold for almost 2 weeks and can't seem to shake it. I am taking myself off to the doctors either tomorrow or Saturday. I don't want to get stuck in a rut like I did last time I wasn't working a normal 9-5job.

So plan for next week, get motivated to cook and to exercise! I really want to go and join the 24hr gym near my house, however this is so out of my comfort zone. I've never stepped inside a gym, at least with it being24hrs I can go at random times hopefully when it is less busy so I don't feel so self conscious...wow! That is a phrase I haven't used about myself in a long time. This program really has brought up a few different emotions so far...

Well that's enough rambling, thanks for reading(if you made it to the end) lol!

Monday, 11 February 2013

My Week #6

Week 6 is here!

This week I broke out the coloured pencils again.

I included a weekly quote in to my notes page. If your interested it came from Miranda Kerr's book. (yes, she has a book, and no, she isn't just some dumb model.)

Sunday night I had the brainwave of recording grow many bottles of water I drink in a day, as per my new year promises I wanted to boost my water intake.

My pink post it was for the items I needed to purchase for a new term at Uni, I ended up witha lot of stuff. I may do a post this week about my new proposed system..

How has your week been?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Week #5

This week has been a bit of a write off, had two family memebers in hospital this week. Not I didn't get to do my exam.

Since it is the end of Jan, I thought I would share my review of the month.

Looking forward to week ahead!

hope you all had a great weekend!