Thursday, 21 February 2013

Have you ever seen a Life Coach?

Life coaching seems to be something people make a mockery of. If you have ever watched Ab Fab, Eddie needs to ring her life coach to "channel what colour to wear for the day" (LOL!)

I have been intrested in life coaching for a while, not to see one, but to look at what they do.

Monday night I had the chance to attend a work training event where Lorna Hollinger ( ) spoke to us about our business. However thinking it would be business development session, I got a lot of personal development out of it. Lorna went through the DiSC program (

I thought this was an intresting concept as it teaches you to look at the traits of others and how to balance yourself in a group situtation and meet people on their level. (this is very important in the direct selling business)

I discovered during the night, that I am a 'I' person which means I fall into the influence category, I also am a "C' person, which puts me in the Conscientiousness category.

If you know of, or look into this program, these two categories are quite rare to find in one person (trust me to be the strange one) However, I questioned Lorna about this, it seems that my main category is Influence, however my Conscientiousness has been a learned section of my life, and when you look at the traits it is so true!

So, if you ever thought life coaches are to be mocked, you are very wrong. Open your mind, you might just learn a thing or two. Or like myself better understand yourself, which will lead to better undersanding others.

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