Thursday, 14 February 2013

12WBT Update -week 1

So today is Thursday, the second week is up on the website, have I actually done anything productive? no.

However I have learnt a few new tips for cooking healthy meals. I've tried to cook a recipe each day for lunch. Loving the pizza made out of pita bread, what an amazing idea! So quick and delicious will never eat normal pizza again!

I have been feeling really down lately, my sleeping pattern is out of whack and I feel like I've had this slowly progressing cold for almost 2 weeks and can't seem to shake it. I am taking myself off to the doctors either tomorrow or Saturday. I don't want to get stuck in a rut like I did last time I wasn't working a normal 9-5job.

So plan for next week, get motivated to cook and to exercise! I really want to go and join the 24hr gym near my house, however this is so out of my comfort zone. I've never stepped inside a gym, at least with it being24hrs I can go at random times hopefully when it is less busy so I don't feel so self! That is a phrase I haven't used about myself in a long time. This program really has brought up a few different emotions so far...

Well that's enough rambling, thanks for reading(if you made it to the end) lol!

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