Friday, 24 May 2013

Skin Care Tip: Cleanser Changes for the seasons


I was reading an article in last months Cleo magazine about skincare tips. Australia is getting colder and wetter with each day coming into winter.

The article suggested that we should start to change our cleaners as the months get colder.

The aurthor of the article writes that if you use a foaming cleanser, you should move to a milk cleanser.
If you are using a milk cleanser move up the scale to using a cream cleanser and if you are using a cream cleanser, good job! Stay where you are.

I thought this was really intresting information and upon reading this I have progressed up the chain to a milk cleanser. I am hoping to find a lovely cream cleanser as winter hits. I have noticed a drastic result in my skin from this time last year to now.

I guess it would also make sense to reverse the steps as the warmer months approach.

So there you have it, small changes make a difference. :)

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