Saturday, 11 May 2013

University: Buying Lunch


Normally I am only on my uni campus for at least 3-4 hrs a day and then I drive straight home, however on Wednesday’s I have classes and lectures from 10am – 7pm – which is a long day. I bring snacks with me such as nuts or yummy protein bars. These are great just to chuck in your bag and go or if you are like me, eat them during lectures (we aren’t meant to eat in our lecture halls but I always end up starving in the middle of one lecture on a Wednesday.)

However some days you just feel like something nice for lunch. My campus is lovely, lots of coffee shops, we have a book shop, post office, bank, and food court. Which is great! However lunch normally costs me $10 + (salad and a drink costs $14.00!)

My campus is surrounded by a huge shopping centre about 10 min walk or 3 min drive, or there is a supermarket just north of the uni. I decided to venture up to the supermarket to grab a few things while I was on break.

I found this lovely HUGE tub of pre made caesar salad, with bacon, cheese and dressing. I always try and pick things that have a fork included in the pack. I walked over to the deli in the super market and picked up a piece of cooked chicken to add into my salad. I grabbed a can of drink…and the total came to $8.50!

Whilst this doesn’t seem like a big deal. I work on a daily budget of $25 a day while I am at uni (this includes petrol to drive to uni and back home.) At the end of the day this is a big saving in money, also means I can order a coffee in the late afternoon to keep me from falling asleep during a boring economics lectures.  

It may take more time and a bit more effort to walk off campus or drive off campus, but it refreshes your mind being in a different environment and saves you a few bob J

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