Monday, 1 April 2013

First Quater Review

Hello April,

I am a little sad to see April here already, months just seem to fly past. I thought I would do a quick review of my goals for this year and post about how I am tracking at keeping them.

  • Try my very best to achieve at least a credit or higher on my uni subjects. - So far so good.I know I blog and talk about being a student alot, but I must say I really love it. I left high school at the age of 15 and deep down was angry as I felt like my chances of going to uni were gone. I have had a lot of negative feedback from others because I chose to leave school early or because I have decided to go back to studying at aged 20. I'm not overly academic so my results I get are the ones I work damn hard for and I am proud of myself for it.

  • I will put away at least $20 a week for my phone bill so there will be no nasty deductions from my account.
  • Hmm..I have been doing this on and off...more off then on :(

  • I will keep myself motivated and look at new ways to develop my own business.
  • Lately I've been considering if this is worth my time...
  • I will not spend money on crazy purchases
  • I think this has been going well. I have made big purchases at a time when most sales are on.

  • I will go for an hour long walk at least twice a week (after my walk around Balmain, I have come the the conclusion that it really wasn't that bad)
  • This one hasn't been to well thought out. My fitness goals have fallen to the wayside, but as it is April, i think I will jump on the wagon again and start by eating better.

  • On the days where I am at home I will be up by 7.30am
  • I will be organised
  • This one isn't very specific, but I feel like I am in control of things :)
  • I will try to keep the house and my room tidy
  • I will read at least 2 books a month
  • The begining of the year started well, I haven't found a book that really grabs me for a while, so this isn't going as well.

    Lastly; some highlights.

    • I turned 21, not the celebrations I had wanted, but I am old enough to know that it's the people that make an effort to come along that really matter. :)
    • I really do enjoy uni, even if in the middle of a semester I have a bit of a downfall (like right now...)
    • I got to see my lovely friend Aimee, who lives in Perth
    • I went and chopped off my hair and dyed it dark is suprising how a simple change like that just makes you feel better about yourself :)

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