Sunday, 21 July 2013

How I'm surviving in my compact

A while ago I blogged about my Filofax move to my compact Adelphi. (You can read my post here) I thought I would update you on how I am coping.

So as it turns out my Adelphi isn't actually a compact, it happens to be a slimline Filofax which means it has 11mm rings instead of the 15(?)mm rings the compacts have.

So, how am I surviving in a slimline? Quite well actually.

Here is a list of my contents in photo form. Guess who learnt fancy new photo tricks to make text appear on my photos.

1. Front page - this serves as my 'dash board' section. I love this image it came from a 2012 calendar. I've named her 'Tilly' as I read if you name an object, you give it a personality and therefore will be more inclined to use it more often. I thought my planner needed a personality and a mascot, so here we are.

There is also a top opening envelope attached by sticky tape to the back of the cardboard Tilly sits on. I use this for random items, sometimes when I pop out with just my planner I will slip my phone into the top opening envelope  

2. Two months worth of planning pages - I have two months worth of diary pages in my planner. I don't really need anything else as I have been on uni holidays for the past 4 weeks.

These tabs come from Collins. I keep the rest of my monthly pages and tabs for the rest of the year filed away in my personal metropol.

3. Diary Pages - of course like all planners I have my diary pages in between my monthly dividers. straight after my dividers I have the Filofax month on one page in personal size. I use these pages for random things and as you can see rarely ever remember to use them. I mainly record birthdays in here.
The next is my undated week on two pages again from Collins. I LOVE these pages, the paper quality is much better then the Filofax pages, and with Filofax stock in limited supply at my local Officeworks store, these will have to do :)

4. My university tab - Whilst I may have not been at uni for the last few weeks I have added to my uni tab in my planner to include more reference things.

In this section I have my semester dates for the year, my university's grading structure as I can ever remember them and finally I decided to hand write how to work out a percentage as a grade as I'm not very good with maths and I can never ever remember how to do it and sadly each time I get a report back I have to Google how to work it out.

5. Notes/Misc tab - This is the last tab in my planner. Here I have a few sheets of extra paper and random notes that I always forget.
I bought a new printer a few months ago and I can never remember which cartridges I need. Ink is very expensive in Australia, not sure if it is everywhere else. Normally I will recycle my cartridges or refill them. It never stops me looking at the price each time I pop to the stationary store.

6. Post -it notes and random bits - These are kept in the front pocket of the Adelphi. I have some tabs from post it, some lovely bright colours from Diaso, some more sticky notes from Officeworks in lovely pastel colours with things like 'shop for', 'today', 'don't ignore' I love the pastel colours in contrast of the bright ones.
There is also some index cards just in case I need to write something down for someone else. Oh and there is my parking fines - which I finally paid when the latters came in as the fine biller code had faded - lesson learnt in that case. I also finally purchased a parking permit for uni.
 So there you have it, I am really loving this system so far. Not sure if I will need to upgrade back to a personal size when uni starts back. We will see.

I also have an exciting new Filofax related purchase to come, hopefully just in time for uni if I do decide to upgrade to a personal.



  1. I moved to Slimline last week. The initial plan was to make It a travel Filofax but I like it so much I am staying in it.

    1. I love mine so much, it is so much easier to write in without the huge rings being in the way