Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 23


Week 23 I have been a bit lost without my planner. If you read my post from last week you will know that i didn't have anything to share with you, as my planner was MIA!
Turns out my planner must have fallen out of my handbag and was under the car seat the whole time! Grr!

Sadly, when I found my planner it was a bit worse for wear. It had a huge dent in it and the front cover was pushed right up to the rings. I think whatever is inside the material that covers the outside of the binder has snapped.
It's now really floppy :(
I decided to stiffen it up with some cardboard on the inside pocket and add a few paint swatches just so i didn't have to look at boring old brown cardboard. This seems to have worked rather well, the binder is much stiffer now. I feel a bit safer using it.

As for the dent in the cover a bit of cooking oil spray and a bit of a rub every day has got the dent out of the cover (phew!)

So here is my non used week. A bit upset that my planner wasn't as pretty as it is normally I hadn't even used my planner this week. (Hello planner fail)



  1. So glad that you found it! I'm surprised to hear that you were able to get the dent out! I would have never thought to do that!

    1. It was a pure fluke! My poor planner has been through the wars. I had a very expensive can of Nutri Rich spray (moisturiser in a spray can) in my bag and the cap came off and leaked all over my planner. It wasn't too bad actually it did wonders for it as all the pen marks came off it. I didn't want to waste the spray trying to get the dent out so I got creative and searched the house high and low for something that would work the same. :)