Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kikki K 2014 - Inserts Review

So last week I purchased my 2014 inserts for my personal size. It was a snap impulse buy, but whatever.

I posted my 'haul' on facebook and had some requests to blog about my thoughts and do a pen test.

Let's get started!

My local store likes hiding these types of things on me, I can never find them and always have to ask. The packing the insets come in is nothing to write home about just a plain plastic slip, but for $15, one can't complain as that is cheap for inserts compared to the Filofax and Collins inserts.
I also love the fact they start in the first few weeks of December - right before uni starts for summer so I can use them sooner!

The only layout they offer in personal size is week on two pages which is what I have been using most of the year.
Hopefully you can see this clearly, these are 3am photos.
Each day has faint lines on it so you can write neatly, each day also has a birthdays line, so you wont have an excuse to ever forget.

Week on two pages layout
Monthly View

I don't know if I am going to use these, the boxes are tiny!!! It also makes it really hard to write in when you are left handed like me.
I think I may need to purchase the Filofax horizontal monthly inserts or make my own.

The Pen Test

I know a few people were interested to see what pens would bleed through, I was really surprised. The quality of the paper is so much better then the Filofax inserts and I also think they are better then the Collins inserts I've been using.

Now, I do not own a lot of fancy pens. I am a huge love of the Pilot Frixion range though.

Pens Used

Flip side, not as much bleed through, just a bit of shadowing - I can live with that

This is the flip side of the paper with it held up to the lamp in my room.
There is however one thing I find slightly annoying is that there are these black banners on certain pages. Nothing a sticker can't cover. I just find them annoying as it cuts out some of the writing space in the day. A nice gesture, just annoying.

Have you planned what you will be using for 2014?

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