Saturday, 26 October 2013

My week 41 & 42

Oh hi, long time no see right?

I have been super busy the past three weeks, uni work, bush fire drama, sickness, motivation levels etc;

Here is my week 41.

I must say I really love the washi I used (from Kmart) I think it is super cute!
It was a super busy week, preparing the final details for my final projects due the next week for uni.

This week doesn't look so busy, but it was long and tyring, my HRM report and presentation was on Wednesday.

39 paged report, 6 weeks of group meetings, 15 mins presentation and finally handing it! Felt AMAZING!!!!

Then there was of course the bush fires that ripped through NSW on Thursday - terribly shocking and devastating to the community I live in.
I am safe, but over 200 families have lost their house in the Blue Mountains. A devastating event.
If you have a spare $10 - please donate it to the Salvation Army, to aid them in rebuilding these peoples lives.  

I also, just wanted to say a huge thank you, to everyone involved in putting out these fires, especially the Fire-fighters and volunteers. God bless all of you!

Another thank you to everyone who sent me text messages, Facebook messages and called to check if my family was okay. It's heart-warming.

Remember to stay alert and diligent when there is a fire. Stay safe people! x

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