Saturday, 26 October 2013

Confession: We need to talk...

Now, let's be a little bit serious here (for just a second, I promise)

I thought it was important to post this now as I delve further into the world of Australian politics within my own life , university life and blogging life.

I have a bit of a confession to tell you all... I am a Wikileaks Party member.

I have decided upon this in the last few weeks after being very unhappy for various reasons with the main two political parties that have governed Australia in my lifetime.


This years election has brought out a fierce streak in me, I had a very intense argument with a friend of 15 years over politics, although we made up a few weeks later, our friendship has never been the same and never will be, because unlike the impression I get from her, I believe people do not have to apologise for their opinions.

It is no secret I am not a fan of Australia's Liberal Party, for a number of reasons.  

My up bringing was/still is quite middle class, I'm not very fancy, I don't bring in huge sums of money, I live at home, so one would think that I would be a Labor Party Supporter, which I was up until this election. It is also important to note that I did vote for them. (we will come back to this)

I would like to share with you the turmoil I had when I arrived to the polling booth on election day I saw, what has become quite a life changing event.

Looking at the table cloth as people refer to the senate ballot sheet was 'Wikileaks Party'...I was quite taken back as I had not heard very much about a party being formed.

I had been a admirer of the work Wikileaks did when they released the cables of the wars. I always remember seeing Assange on the news and being;
  1. Very proud of him for being so brave and taking a stand
  2. rebelling against the superpower of the world
  3. supporting whistleblowing
  4. changing the world
Something inside me resonates with Julian Assange, he is your everyday common Australian bloke who is taking on the super powers of the world, and scaring the crap out of them. The combative side in me adores stories and people like this, I also think the core fundamentals of his actions embodies the Australian spirit. (and yes, that rambling went through my mind above this went through my mind while standing there trying to vote. )

I couldn't just leave to polling booth without filling in my ballot papers, I was really torn on who to vote for, but in the end my upbringing and lack of knowledge of the Wikileaks Party made me vote Labor for the Senate.

However, in the past 2 months I have been spurred on to do more research on Wikileaks, Julain Assange and the Wikileaks Party. Looking at studying politics I had a notion of joining a party, although I wasn't very happy with either major political party within my country I decided I needed to bit the bullet and join Wikileaks.

I believe in what they stand for, their mission statement reads - "[Wikileaks Party] objectives which include the protection of human rights and freedoms; transparency of governmental and corporate action, policy and information; recognition of the need for equality between generations; and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination."I think these are important factors that need to be addressed particularly on the level of the Senate, as they really do rule the roost when it comes to decisions.

Will people disagree with me? Yes. There is a lot of people out there who do not agree with the action of Wikileaks. Trust me I have read them.

Do I care if people disagree? Not really.
We live in a society that is supposed to be democratic I am free to think, act and do what I please within ethical and lawful restrictions. Joining a political party may not be high on every 21 year olds agenda, but it is on mine.

I am smart enough to know that there is no one, no party in politics that is crystal clear, politics can be a dirty game played on a public level, however I believe, our society in Australia allows free thinking, which allows me to vote, or even share my opinion on politics on the internet. So now you all know.

Thanks for reading. x



  1. Good reasoning and very understandable. Well done for joining and for being open about it. I have actually always been a liberal supporter and have never swayed. I don't come from a wealthy background, in fact quite the opposite. Their policies have always made more sense to me and the old adage which went liberal = rich labour = poor doesn't ring true any more and hasn't for many many years. I was never a member of the liberal party until this year. And then was I sorry when their immigration policy, in particular, hit the news. I am determined, however, not to be silent on this issue and feel that as a member I have a right to stand up and be counted for what I see is very wrong. Won't get me anywhere but I'm gonna try my hardest. That is why I joined. To be a voice that kinda counts instead of one who always complains and doesn't 'do' anything to change it.

    1. Hi Jowel,

      Thanks for your comment. You know what, after the past few weeks, being involved in reading and interrupting the media on Australian politics to my own extend as a citizen of Australia. I can see there is a real change in the sway of 'new politics'. I think it is young people who are my age that are the driving force behind this.
      Sadly, last election I did play into that old, historical factor of you vote for labor if you are middle class blah blah blah blah when it was all based on demographics. Simply because I was uninformed or had a very narrow view.

      In the last few weeks my views have completely changed, hence the reason why I decided to blog about this, and even join in the first place.

      I completely agree with your last comment, I think that there is always to much talk and not enough action when it comes to people speaking about politics. Good on you for being one of those who are happy to stand up and make yourself accountable for what you believe.

      This, I hope will be the change that needs to come in our country so we can move forward and progress into a innovative country that is open to political debate and standing up for what we feel as individuals is right :)