Saturday, 26 October 2013

Life Decsisions: Swapping Degrees

sorry blog - o - sphere, you are going to get many blog posts from me today.

Ever had one of those heart wrenching finds from your past? Well I did a few weeks ago.

I found a bit of paper from high school (yes I keep things like that) that had our ambitions in life for the next 10 years.
Whilst I know life changes in an instant there is still part of me that wishes whole heartily that I followed the path that I had set out when I was 15, as it seems pretty awesome.

I won't share with you everything on that bit of paper but I will pick out a few points of the things I wanted to do by age 25.

  • I want to be out of home, either in my own house or close to buying a house.
  • I want to have a degree in Political Science
  • I want to travel
There are a few other little things that really resonate with me still to this day.

So this brought me to my latest life decision. I decided I am going to swap degrees at uni, as it is a start to what I hope will unfold from the list above.

So I will now end up graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce - majoring in Human Resources with a minor Bachelor of Arts - Politics and International relations.

Yep, try saying that to everyone new you meet each semester!

I am really excited about the change, this semester has been rather horrible, I lost all motivation to do most things for uni. Studying marketing has taken its toll on me. It definitely wasn't what I expected, nor am I very good at it either.

I am so excited for the next coming year at uni, I think this is such a positive change that I needed. It will also push me further into the field of trade unions - which is where I think I would like to end up.

If you made it this far into my rambling, well done. Thanks for listening. :)  


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