Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week 44!


Another week down in the year 2013! Can't believe we are in November!

Actually I can and I can't, time has flown by, but in the last 11 months I have grown so much as a person. It has been 11 months since I left my fulltime job (which at the time was what I dedicated my life too), I started studying which I adore more then anything else in the world. I love learning.
I also have 'found myself' again. I have gone back to the person who I was about 6 years ago, with a much older, more grown up perspective of the world. I am finally coming to the terms that I am actually happy with myself. :)

So, I'll leave my ramblings for another day as they might be a bit heavy for a Monday morning.

Here is my week in my personal metropol. Things are winding down in terms of assessments for uni, but exam season is about to hit.  :/

I attended a fundraiser luncheon on Friday for a family friend who is living with cancer. It was such a lovely heart warming day.

I also had the arrival of my first ever POCKET FILOFAX!!!!

A huge thank you to Belinda for letting me re home her beloved Filofax. The cross style is the one I have been eyeing off ever since I discovered Filofax. I can't wait to start using her.


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