Sunday, 2 February 2014

Political thought in action

Political thought in action – or ramblings I think it should actually be called.  

The title of this blog post is ‘borrowed’ from a unit I am yet to sit at university, but it does sound intriguing in all dramatic senses right? Lol!

Over the past few months, as I have dragged myself through the torment of reading through countless articles, participated in many political debates via social media and with family and friends my political thoughts have changed to a certain degree, actually maybe evolve is a better word to describe it.

Today I thought I would touch on some of the subconscious underlying things that I believe drives people to political action or at least political thought.  

So how did this blog post come around? Through conversations, reactions, personal belief and experience with a political organisation.

As I am sure you are all aware, I am a member of a rather controversial idealist political party within Australia. In hindsight it is not surprising that they didn’t win a seat, or come close to it technically speaking. Without any real policies, its main candidate is  ‘trapped’ within an embassy overseas in London with a number of government organisations wishing he wasn’t alive. Some have also described it as a ploy to aid its founder out of the tricky situation he is in, but that is a whole other topic within itself.

Let’s go back to one of the key points I have taken away from this experience, that being idealistic is a great spark. What spark did it create? A movement in people. Now it is important to note that by movement, one would assume a huge rally of people, however a movement can actually  be on a personal level.

In my self-help reading book craze, I have come out with the idea that to truly change the world, you need to alter your perception before you have any impact. This leads me to believe that changing the world happens on a personal perception basis, if you can change YOUR view of the world, share this with others on the smallest level you will have an impact on their thoughts, which in turn will affect their lives, they will tell other people, who will tell others, which therefore changes the world.

Sure I would love to inspire people like leaders and public figures have inspired myself, is that always realistic? No.

Am I the next Bono? No. Am I going to be as radical as Julian Assange? I doubt it. Am I going to be the next Jack Mundey? Probably not.

As amazing I think the individuals listed above are, I have come to terms with the fact that I may or may not find myself in situations or have access to the platforms they have created for themselves. Maybe I am, dare I say it a little bit more conventional or even *deep breath* conservative.

No matter what I may be, I have to work with what I have. Which I have only really come to terms with that I can only play the cards I am dealt in life.

Now a lady never reveals her secrets, but in essence what cards do I have in my hand in the game of poker called life?

A critical mind (which is developing more and more each day), a keen sense of learning, a deep dislike for corruption, a belief that injustice in the world needs to rectified, some may say a deep sense of national pride, but above all I am no different to any other person in this world who has a questioning mind in a forever changing and developing world.

If you are reading this and made it through, well done! Gold Star for you.

Thoughts, comments, opinions, book deal offers?

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