Sunday, 2 February 2014

Filofax 'My Week' - January Edition

It has been a looong time since I blogged what my week looked like in my Filofax, so instead of boring you to death, I thought I would just show you how I've been using my kikki k pages, and decorating with some new washi I have acquired.

Love these post it notes, which were sent to me via the secret santa RAK on the AUS and NZ Filofax Group

This was by far the busiest week I have had in a long time. Can you tell how busy I was by looking at how messy it is?

Here you can see the colour coding tab scheme I sometimes work with - it really worked so well over summer school. I also love love love this washi tape..

Ahh the week before exams! I spent most of it freaking out.

Hellish exam week! Thank goodness it is over!!!

So that's about it, nothing overly exciting, but thought I would just document this while I have no uni work to do, and am spending my first day off holidays catching up on things.


  1. Love the color of your Filo!! Is this a Personal size with kikki. k pages?

  2. It sure is :)

    The binder itself is the Filofax metropol in kingfisher blue, the pages I bought from Kikki k, love the quality of them :)