Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Reading and the Power of Words

The past week I have been a bit down on myself, not the happy chirpy person who annoyingly giggles at silly things.
Knowing the main reason behind this 'mood swing' is that I am lacking something to do, it starts out as boredom then progresses into a bizarre place where I lack all motivation for anything.

Today I decided to clean out my bookshelf, I came across a book I had completely forgotten I had bought. "What your Mother should have told you - Natalie Reilly"

The first section of the book is titled 'How to be Happy' - how fitting for the way I was feeling, as you progress further into the pages riddled in advice which contains a witty prose and funny relatable antidotes my mood completely shifted back into some what of a normal state.

Moral of the story, feeling down? Pick up a well written funny book and have a laugh. Reading transports you to a different world, removes you from feeling sorry for yourself and might just bring your icy attitude  back up to at least a luke warm temperature.


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