Sunday, 13 April 2014

Filofax Set up: University Edition


Long time no see!

I thought while I have a spare morning (before the madness begins of next week) I thought I might blog this, as it has been lingering around for a few weeks.

Here is my university set up for this semester - it is working really well.

Looking  a wee bit full :)

Dashboard - colour coding scheme, and removable tab labels sticky taped to the clear fly leaf

Closer view of my tabs

I have my to do list
my month and weekly view
My uni reference tab, and my Global Leadership Program info under the one tab.

First section - to do lists.
I started using these as a sort of brain dump type of system, I then go and space out the tasks during the week in my WO2P

Kikki k Medium Pages - Monthly View

Kikki K WO2P

Unit Outlines, printed and cut down to size 

Then in the back I have a map and a clear pocket with some mark it dots and post it notes :) 

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