Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Filofax set up

With the year coming close to an end, I am gearing up my Filofax to take the abuse from exam period, end of uni projects, Christmas, holiday plans, you name it, it will go in here.

I have sadly had to move from my Adelphi slimline to a personal to accommodate the information that will be needed in the next few months.

After seeing this blog post I just had to use my kingfisher blue metropol, the colour is so stunning I love it!

So, let's stop rambling, let's get onto what you are all really here for PLANNER PORN (yes, I just said that)

Organised Chaos!

Who would have thought Manilla folders could be so pretty! These are from typo.
I got 5 for $5 so I don't mind cutting them up.  

My new Dashbord
I have a fly leaf over the top of this with a picture strip of my friends.

I have three main sections.
My diary is behind the dashboard and my second main section is my university tab.
The main section tabs stick out of the binder just a little, but I actually really like it.
I wanted that defined curved section from the folders.

Within this tabbed section I have my sub tabs.
On the Australian Filofax facebook group I asked the students out there how they used their planners to keep track of their uni deadlines as I feel like I was spiralling out of control.
I decided because we only have roughly 4 weeks of class time left I would just create a to do list instead of printing my unit outlines.

As part of my new colour coding system, I decided all uni related tabs need to be blue to match the divider.

Colour coding has been my new best friend!
This is my to do list, it is only two pages, which is great but daunting.
My colour combinations are based on my colours that are on my subject binders.

This is my next main section.
I opted for a bottom tab for a change, it also gives the definition between what is for uni and what is personal life things.

Here is a picture of my tabs so far in this section.
I picked the green tabs for all things in my notes section as part of the colour scheme.
This is what I have so far, but as the year goes on I will add in Christmas tabs, holiday tabs and anything else that is needed.

This system is a little different from what I was using before - this is really going to become a workhorse planner. I like the simplified setting as it provides a clear picture of what the main focus is and doesn't distract me.
I am surprised at how much I actually like the colours, I am normally a darker colour lover, as you might have noticed from this blog post.
So there you have it, new simple set up ready to get to work.  





  1. Ohh I bet youll be so organised with all this stationary! Loved reading this :) Also cute planner!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thanks Lorraine. I am loving it so far! :)

  2. Love the manila folder dividers! Such an awesome idea. ^^

    1. They have been sitting in my room since the begging of the year and I never used them, thought I might as well put them to use