Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moodboard: Evoking Feelings of Summer

Summer Mood Board!
Can you tell what is on my summer playlist? lol!
So summer is coming! I am normally not a summer person, however I can't wait just to chill out a bit. This will be my first summer in a long time where I won't be working in an office. So that might mean that I will actually have a tan and not be vampire pale.
I thought I would collect a few things and post them here on what I love about summer in Australia, some style inspiration from stationery, decorations, fashion, drinks, food and places.
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Cocktail Time!
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Gloria Jeans - Very Vanilla Chiller


There is nothing I love more in summer then a nice crispy chicken Ceaser Salad

My first ever 'real' job was working for a decoration company during their Christmas season, I learnt so much and loved every minute of it.
My pick for this Christmas is blue and magenta decorations.

Just as a bit of summer fun - I want these lanterns to hang in my bedroom, how cute are the colours!


I don't feel like I am a 'on trend' sort of person, I just wear what I like.
I am loving these for summer this year though.

ASOS Dress

This is my Handbag of choice for the summer, I think it is super cute and will go with EVERYTHING
I also love that it reminds me of a art deco building.


I already have a infactuation with Sydney, but Sydney in the summer time is an amazing place to be.

Here are my favourite spots to hang out at

Darling Harbour
This place is lovely at night as it is full of lively people
I adore going into the city during the day and just sitting on the harbour edge.

I have been here once before for as what we refer to as a 'Sunday Sess'
Beautiful food, great cocktails and at night it is brilliant.
So there are my picks for the summer, I am looking forward to it!
Tell me what you love about summer? Is it the weather, the music, the freedom, the food, the cocktails (maybe a few sneaky sunday sess's?) 



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