Sunday, 15 September 2013

Latest Obsession - Youtubers!

I become easily obsessed with little things, if you know me in real life or read my posts on the internet I become intrigued by so many things that I come across. I have an addictive personality. If I like something I will spend days and days reading, googling, facebooking, blog reading all things about that topic. Some obsessions last, and some don't.

One thing I go through phases of interest is personalities on YouTube. At the moment I am loving watching these snippets into peoples lives that they share with the world. I also secretly (or not so secrectly now) like the idea of being 'YouTube famous'...Yes I can see you rolling your eyes at me - don't judge me okay! Lol!

Here are some of my favourite  Youtuber's

  • Zoella - She is a British YouTuber who is just so adorable, here videos are mainly beauty related, but she also had quite a following due to her 'just say yes' video. She speaks about personal issues such as dealing with anxiety and how to try and over come it.
  • Thatcher Joe - is another favourite of mine, He also happens to be Zoella's brother. They post super cute sibling videos and are just hilarious to watch.
  • Tanya Burr - is another British Youtuber who is friends with Zoella, she mainly posts videos about beauty products, make up tutorials, vlogging.
  • Daily Grace - just when you thought this would all be about Bristish people - Grace is quite a character, she posts videos every day, they aren't about specific topics, I normally don't think American people are funny (just don't understand the humour) but this girl makes me laugh without fail.
  • Jenna Marbles - It wouldn't be a YouTube list, without Jenna Marbles. I think her success might come down to the fact that those damn cute dogs are always in her videos.
  • Pixiwoo - another UK based channel, these girls are professional make up artists that give fantastic tips, they do some great in depth make up tutorials.
  • Make Up with Poppy - Poppy is an Australian Youtuber who mainly posts videos on the high end side of make up. I love her personality, she is someone I would love to be friends with in real life. It's nice to see someone using products I can purchase in Australia and not random brands that aren't sold here.
  • xoFemmeBeauty -  Caroline is another Australian Make up Youtuber,  she uses a lot of the cheaper brand products that can be found in Priceline, Big W, Chemist Warehouse. She is very professional in her videos and I have found some great products through her videos.
I am subscribed to sooo many things like tv shows that people post, Filofax bloggers, student tips, comedians. This is just the list of people who I normally watch each time a video appears.

Do you have a favourite youtuber? If so let me know in the comments below.

Have a marvellous day!


  1. I love Jenna Marbles, too! She is so funny! My other favorites are AndreasChoice, Clothesencounters, and BeautyCrush.

    1. Ohh you may just be fuelling my addiction even more Michelle!