Saturday, 14 September 2013

Week 37 - can you ever have enough pink?

The answer to the question, is yes, yes you can!
This week is an extremely pink week, it started off with some deco tape, then the deco tape usage got out of hand.

I seem to be struggling taking pictures with my ipad so it looks like I will need to find my camera charging cord (which has been missing since august!)
It wasn't an overly busy week in terms of tasks, but I had two mid semester tests and a meeting for a huge Human Resources Project I have this semester which is exciting, but the amount of work that is going into it is crazy!  
In other news, I started journaling! I've always wanted to and found the motivation to do so after receiving some bad news, I was feeling very overwhelmed and I had sworn that I wouldn't tell people so I decided to write. :)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! x

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