Monday, 19 August 2013

Week 33

Here is my week 33 post - a rather busy first half of the week, the second half was filled with studying for an exam. 

I've sadly also dismissed the idea of using two planners, things were getting to complicated. I hate having to write things down twice so that idea went out the window. 

As you can tell from my last few weeks posts I'm becoming more and more less interested/obsessed with Filofax things. Hmm not sure if its because I don't really have the time any more or maybe just something else...



  1. Oh my gosh... LOVE the roses on turquoise background washi tape!!! Very pretty!.. But I have to agree with you. I have found keeping up EVERYTHING in two different planners does not work for me either. I have a new pocket filofax coming to me by the end of the week, but I plan on just using that as a wallet, and to jot QUICK notes down in. My Franklin Covey is really still my stay-at-home, main go-to for most EVERYTHING!... Have a great week, and good luck on your exam! ~tina

    1. I'm not a flower sort of person but I love this tape.

      Thanks for the exam well wishes, fingers crossed I passed! :)