Monday, 28 January 2013

My Week #4

Wow! Week four already!

This week has been intense, with Uni classes wrapping this week and and exam on Thursday...Eeek! I have been head down bum up!

This week I have done a logo fork on my report and finished it on monday! As you can see from the scrapbook paper note I made.

I have used a lot of post it notes this week due to the writing in texta last week blending through the paper everything just dispaered with all the ink marks.

Even with my report out the way I have only just stared studying, although making my study plan on Thursday, procrastinating is horrible thing, I just can't seem to beat it at the moment. No motivation at all. So while in procrastinating phaseI broke out the coloured pencils and coloured in the right hand notes page.

So there you have it, my very busy first half of the weekend my procrastination leading to doing everything besides studying.

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