Saturday, 26 January 2013

Commitment: 12WBT!


So I have recently joined Michelle Bridges 12WBT. This is something very outside my comfort zone. All my life I have been a big person, which to be honest I never really cared all that much about, and I still don't overall, I really like the person I am.

So why am I doing this? Well I am a naturally born lazy person, I procrastinate and just don't do things if it looks to hard. So this is to challenge myself to kick my but into gear and do this. They say give something to a busy person and it will get done. I have over a month off from Uni and I need to keep myself busy, this has come at the perfect time!

My goal? As trivial as it may seem, I bought a number of different clothing items online quite some time ago, whilst they just fit me I (yet again couldn't be bothered to return them...laziness strikes again!) I want to be able to wear those clothes out and feel comfortable going out in them.

I also want to get moving,I always drive to the shop that is a 5,in walk away, I always park close to places because I don't want to walk that far.

Upon. My return to Uni with my new timetable in place. I want to make use of the campus gym and take Zumba classes.(pushing the comfort zones again). I also want to utilize the huge campus grounds we have and not dread walking here there and everywhere.

So there you have it, there is my commitment.

Now the list checker in me is happy, I can now go and tick another program task off!


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