Saturday, 5 January 2013

Handmade Filofax Inserts


So it's almost 5am on a Sunday morning, I've been up all night due to the heat of summer here in Sydney, In my sleepless mental state I made some inserts for my planner! Yay!

So this was my first one - I didn't notice how uncentred it is until I looked at this photo :(. I just used a old Christmas card as the base as the bottom paper is almost fabric like. I will be using this insert for my uni things, important dates, GHANT charts, to do lists ect.

So this one turned out a little better I used another card as the base and just some scrap booking paper with some rub on stickers...not bad considering it was about 4am.

Behind this insert will be where I keep my goals..I never thought about keeping these in my planner, but hey, everyone else does.

I'm planning to make one more to keep my Misc ongoing projects...I don't know about some of you, but I feel like I really do not have all that much to do or using my planner to it's potential.

What else do you put into your planner?


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