Saturday, 19 January 2013

Exam Time!

Hello again!

In my wisdom, I decided to do a class over summer. Looking at it now, not the best idea, a whole terms worth of work compressed into about 8 weeks. Eeekk!  I just completed a horrible mid term test, a presentation. I have a group report due on Wednesday and my final exam about a week and a half away. (and yet here I am writting a blog post and watch The City marathon...)

Studying for my mid term exam, didn't go that well. I scraped through with just a pass, which is super annyoing! but damn that was a hard exam.

Soo with end of semester exams approaching I want to develop a Study approach.

Last year I had a crazy system, where I would break out the faber castell texta's and create posters with definitions and scattered them through out the house. (I'm sure my family can now rattle off the 7 p's of marketing.)

As I still haven't got an outline of what I need to study (again so annyoing) I have started where I left my mid term exam notes, from my text book where I write crazy ammount of notes and have them in bright colours so they are fun to read.

I also print off my lecture slides, and sit and cut out important lecutre slides and post them into a work book. Which works really well, although defeats my attempts of cutting down my paper usage.

Not to sure how I'm going to go about studying for this exam, does anyone have ideas or know of any blogs where people have developed a good system, I'm looking for ideas to steal.

Back to work...(who am I kidding, I'll be watching TV with the cat on my lap after I finish this post...)

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