Friday, 1 March 2013

Two NEW filofaxes!!!!


This week I have spent a fair amount online shopping. I scored myself a few bargins, 2 new filofaxs' and a few sticker sets which I might post about later on.

So do you want to meet the new family members?

Welcome miss A5 Finsbury in antique rose :)

She is so pretty, I purchased her for a steal online at the organiser shop. I have wanted one for a long long long time, but with a price tag of $216.00 I couldn't justify the purchase. I scored her for $142.00 - with free shipping, and from an Australian Retailer!

A tiny bit upset that she didn't come with the colunm pages that everyone seems to hate, but I love! However, I am loving the week on two pages in the a5 format, there is just so much room to write! I might stick with it.

The next new family member, isn't new, she is an ebay find but in top condition...please welcome the lovely Aldelphi in black Slimline!

another impulse buy, not 100% sure what I will be using this for as I am very happy with my a5, and will be retring my metropol to be my goals, projects and password binder.

I may find use for this one when it comes to summer school, at the moment I have way to much on my plate (hence to upsize)

Here are some pics!

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, I was using my ipod as I can't find me camera, my room looks like world war three!

Has anyone got some ideas of how I could use my slimline binder?
How many binders do you have running in one go?

Antique Rose set up will be happening over the weekend, stay tunned for an update :)


  1. I use an A5 as a home binder and a more portable planner as my on-the-go/capture tool. I have an A5 Malden with 30 mm rings that, when stuffed, is extremely heavy! It never leaves home (hence the use of a portable planner). I don't know if you plan on carrying around your A5 but, perhaps, you could use your slimline planner when you're out and about. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing your lovely new Filos. :)

    1. Hi Clara,

      That is a fantastic idea! I might employ that in a few weeks. My a5 isn't that full just yet. I tend to carry bags that put Mary Poppins to shame, so that is no real issue.

      I don't know if I could go back to using a planner with personal sized paper at the moment. I use a5 for everything, school books, recipie books, and now my planner :)