Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Well, hello!


Yet another blog has appeared on the Internet, this time it is mine...if I were you I would run far far away and not look back! Things get a little crazy inside my mind and this may become the place to dump all my crazy thoughts.

Moving forward,

Why am I here rambling at 5.30 am? Well 1. I can't sleep. 2. I just received my lovely new 2013 diary!

Over the last few weeks I have read through so many planner posts looking to find the perfect planner, in my quest I found my love again for all things stationary like and organizing  ( that should be with an S, damn IPad and its American spelling). I was once really organized...this has fallen way side this year.

So here you can join me on my journey To become a better organized Uni student, a stationary addict, make up addict and all other joyful musings I think of along the way...

P.s who am I kidding? Like anyone besides me is going to read this....

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